Goonhammer’s First Look at Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons 3

For many Magic: The Gathering fans, the Modern format is the epitome of the game. There’s a relatively stable competitive format that has survived some major upheavals over the years while being diverse enough to let new decks pop...

Magic: The Gathering Reveals New Cowboy Bebop Collaboration

You meet all kinds of folk in the Wild West of Thunder Junction, including characters from the best anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop. In a new crossover collaboration with the legendary anime, Wizards of the Coast is releasing...

First Looks at Magic: the Gathering’s Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Howdy Partner! Y’all here from one of them Omenpaths? Dangerous folks have been moseying on in from out of town through those portals from all sorts of planes. Word is there’s a big heist going down, though what everyone’s...

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Battle Bros Season Four, Chapter VI: The Quest for Tacos

THE BROS ARE BACK and they're in for a long one: part one of a doubleheader game that will test both their patience and yours.
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