Battletech Mech Overview: Penetrator

This week's Battletech Mech Overview looks at the Penetrator, a Clan-Invasion era heavy mech from the Hansen's Roughriders box.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Centurion

In this "mech overview we look at three mechs in a trenchcoat - and they all have a mohawk. Welcome to the Centurion.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Grasshopper

This week's Mech Overview looks at the classic Grasshopper, an old design that still holds up incredibly well.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Hatchetman

Perigrin starts reviewing the Inner Sphere Heavy Lance with this 'mech overview of the Hatchetman.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), Mad Cat MkII, Rakshasa

We return to the beginning of our Mech Overviews with an update to the Mad Cat, with better analysis, updated formatting, cheaper gin, and less sanity.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Viper (Dragonfly)

This week in our Battletech Mech Overview, Perigrin tries to convince us that the Viper is a real mech and not just a figment of anti-infantry guy's imagination.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Mad Dog (Vulture), Vulture Mk III, and Vulture Mk IV

This one's for the bird lovers - in this week's Battletech Mech Overview Perigrin reviews the vulture.

Battletech Mech Overview: Axman

This week our Battletech Mech Overview wraps up the Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance with the Axman, a 65 ton mech that wants to axe you a question.

Battletech Mech Overview: Cataphract

This week's Mech Overview looks at the Cataphract, a heavy mech found in the Inner Sphere Heavy Battle Lance.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Loki (Hellbringer) and Loki Mk II (Hel)

Welcome to a double feature showcase of the myriad sins of Clan Jade Falcon. This 'mech overview is taking a look at the Loki and Loki Mk II, a pair of mechs that are very similar and yet very different at the same time.