Battletech Mech Overview: Enforcer

The Enforcer is a straightforward 50 ton medium mech that’s for some reason split into two mechs. Almost all its variants are the Enforcer III, which I can’t really tell why is a different mech given that plenty of other mechs have had substantial performance upgrades in later variants. There’s also no Enforcer II. It’s available in the Hansen’s Roughriders and Urban Lance packs.

The Enforcer only has three variants, of which two are 4/6/4 and one bumps up to 5/8/5, while all the Enforcer III variants are 5/8/5. Broadly, they all have good armor, though biased towards the front, which can be a concern given that they aren’t particularly fast – especially the base variant that only has 10 total points of rear armor and will be taking internal damage from just about anything.

Federated Suns Armored Cavalry Enforcer. Credit: Jack Hunter


These mechs have all been reviewed based on a standard F through S scale, which you can find described on our landing page here (along with all of our other ‘mech reviews, the name of the box you can buy to get any of the mechs we have covered, and our general methodology).


A very very simple mech, this carries an AC/10, large laser, and small laser. That’s it. No mountains of crap. With paper thin rear armor and only 4/6/4 mobility it can be easily torn up by light units, so it’s a bit risky without proper support, especially as the single ton of ammo means you won’t be running precision. That said, heat sinking is adequate even with single heat sinks, and it’s a bargain 1,032 BV.

My rating: B-


This is pretty much the same weapons load, just upgraded to an ER large laser and LB-10X. Speed is upgraded to 5/8/5 through the use of an XL engine, the rear armor is still thin but no longer paper (and front armor has even gone up), and it’s got two tons of AC ammo. Unfortunately, it still has single heat sinks despite the increased heat load – this mech wants to sit at 6 hexes, but just firing the ER large laser at a walk has you heating up. 1,308 BV isn’t terrible, but it’s paying for 5 jump that it’ll struggle to use given heat constraints.

My rating: C-


This variant fixes most of the issues with the 5D, though it does drop back to 4/6/4 to do so. It’s running a light engine, so doesn’t have the same concerns about side torso loss as the 5D, and picks up double heat sinks so can actually move around and shoot. It also swaps the ER large laser for a large re-engineered laser – while it loses a bit of range, it picks up more accuracy and damage, especially against any advanced armors. Dropping down to 1,192 BV is also great.

My rating: B

Enforcer III

Hansen’s Roughriders Enforcer. Credit: Jack Hunter


This time instead of going for an LB-10X this upgrade goes with an Ultra AC/10, so it’s bringing a lot more punch to the battle. It also has double heat sinks, so has the heat capacity to make use of it. 1,460 BV is on the high end for a 50 ton inner sphere mech, but this is solid firepower.

My rating: B


Much more a long-range combatant, this variant runs a gauss rifle, medium pulse laser, trio of ER medium lasers, and an ER small laser for some fucking reason. It’s happy to hang out at range plinking away with the gauss, and has more than enough ammo for most games, with the lasers coming into play if anything gets in too close. 5/8/5 is fast enough to generally maintain range against anything that isn’t specifically fast, while not too BV expensive. That said, it is still 1,858 BV, and despite being nearly fully armored it’s still only a medium mech.

My rating: C+


Instead of carrying a gauss rifle this Enforcer carries an Ultra AC/20. Essentially, it’s a terrifying fast hunchback. Three ER medium lasers are adequate backup, and four tons of ammo gives you ten double-taps from the autocannon, which is more than enough for most games – and is more shots than most king crabs get. 1,603 BV is reasonable for a 5/8/5 Ultra/20. It won’t always kill things, but it will always scare someone.

My rating: B+

Enforcer. Credit: Rockfish
Enforcer. Credit: Rockfish


This is a cheaper 6M. Downgrading the Ultra/10 to a regular AC/10 reduces your maximum damage output, but three tons of ammo is enough to carry some precision. At 1,275 BV I’d generally only consider this over the 6M if you’re really needing something that can hit fast movers, but it’s not bad at that job.

My rating: C+


This makes me sad because it doesn’t have an autocannon. That said, it has the ability to deal pretty solid damage, especially as one of the rare mechs in the game that can actually end up with a -4 TN modifier. One arm carries a Large Variable Speed pulse, which at short range is a -3 modifier (and 11 damage), the other a snub-nose PPC, and it has a targeting computer. It’s also only 1,475 BV, which is an absolute steal for something that will reliably put 11 damage shots into light mechs.

My rating: A


Similar to the 6G, this variant trades most of the various lasers for a targeting computer; only retaining a single ER medium to go along with the gauss rifle. At 1,720 BV it makes for a cheaper (and thus generally better) gauss caddy than the 6G, especially as it’s also more accurate.

My rating: B-

Battletech Enforcer Credit: 40khamslam


What a fucking mouthful of a name. It has a C3 Boosted Slave, which means it’ll only be blocked by Angel ECM rather than regular Guardian ECM. It also carries a heavy PPC, ER medium laser, and medium pulse. Not great, but not terrible – it’s similar firepower to the 6T if slightly shorter ranged, and it has adequate sinking that you won’t run into heat concerns firing the heavy PPC. At 1,687 BV it’s also a little cheaper, so is another decent option for something that bumbles around with a scary gun.

My rating: B


This moves the cockpit into the torso, which is a pretty reasonable choice on a mech running an inner sphere XL engine – if you lose one of the side torsos you’re dead, so the risky life support isn’t a big deal. It carries an LB-10X and ER PPC, so it’s another Enforcer variant that runs around putting out a couple 10 damage shots into things. 1,495 BV is similar to the 6M, and it’s mostly a choice of whether you prefer the LB-10X or Ultra/10.

My rating: B


The MUSE whatever mechs are always fun off-the-wall variants, generally blending Clan tech in, and this one is no exception. It’s running a Clan XL engine, so side torso loss isn’t as risky, and eight Improved Jump Jets, giving it an astounding 5/8/8 movement profile. For weapons, it packs a blazer cannon in each arm. 16 heat for 12 damage is not great, as it shares ranges with a standard large laser, which is 8 heat for 8 damage. It is a little less than twice as heavy, so it was possible to fit both in, but that doesn’t really matter as the 32 heat firing both generates is far more than the 24 you can sink. Even not moving that’ll spike you up to 8 heat, and if you aren’t moving you aren’t using the 8 jump MP you paid extravagantly for. Essentially, it does a little less damage at a little less range than the 6M, but can move faster, and pays 1,670 BV to do so.

My rating: D


The Enforcer is definitely outshone by the Enforcer III, and even after going through everything I’m not sure why they’re technically different mechs. Mostly, they are pretty competent mechs. Nothing in here except the MUSE COMPACT is actually bad, and the 6NAIS and it’s ability to hit fast targets can definitely come as a surprise. Ultimately though, it’s just a simple well armored mech that mostly has two guns, and it’s hard to go too far wrong with that.

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