Welcome, Mechwarrior, to Battletech, the classic game of armored combat. This is the central hub for all our ‘mech related content – reviews, tactics guides, mech overviews, and the fluff of the 32nd century.

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Mech Overviews are a detailed dive into a mech where we take a look at all the available variants and whether they’re an effective use of your BV. In order to keep everything on the same footing, we’re assuming you’re playing in the IlClan era and are using things like specialized ammo. Any of the mechs below with a colored image can be clicked on to read their overview, and the greyed out mechs are still coming soon. If there’s anything you’re specifically interested in, please reach out!

When we review mechs we think about how effective each variant is, and give it a letter grade. These grades are generally comparable across mechs, not just looking at it alone.

  • F – Hellishly overpriced for what you get, and/or a blatantly worse version of a very similar mech that fills its role much better for minimal/no extra cost. Example – Executioner F
  • D – Overpriced for what you get, or so sub-optimally designed that no amount of being cheap will help it. Example – Shadow Hawk 2H
  • C – Unexciting for the price, but not offensively bad or overpriced. May also be given to situationally awesome mechs with serious downsides, or to mechs that are too inconsistent/swingy to rate higher. Example – Nova B
  • B – Good for the price, uses high-efficiency weapons or simply has a very efficient and good set of weapons. Rarely has significant issues and will almost always find something valuable to do during a match. Example – Catapult K2
  • A – Excellent for the price, cramming a huge amount of value into a low BV cost or simply having completely overwhelming firepower and armor. Will basically always make it’s BV back, unless you get hit with an unlucky headshot or other one shot. Example – Thunderbolt (C)
  • S – Game warpingly powerful. Once one player in the local group starts taking this mech, everyone else is forced to respond to it and it will rapidly begin to completely define every game it is present for. Generally abuses edge-case rules or is simply so incredibly powerful that the BV system can’t adequately track it. I recommend warning your opponent if you are bringing these and not taking them to pick-up games at all. Examples – Fireball XF, Hellstar 1, Boggart 2, and any mech with iATMs.

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