Mech Overview

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Incubus/Vixen

This Mech Overview covers Master Chief. Err, wait, wrong franchise. The Incubus!

Battletech Mech Overview: Crusader

What happens when you really like missiles, but also like bad choices like putting them in your legs? The Crusader is this week's mech overview.

Battletech Mech Overview: Wolfhound

This week our Mech Overview looks at the wolfhound, a heavy light mech and star of some of the Clan Invasion novels.

Battletech Mech Overview: Nightsky

What happens if we make a hatchetman that isn't bad? We explore this in this week's Mech Overview: the Nightsky.

Battletech Mech Overview: Enforcer

Delving into a medium mech this week, the Mech Overview looks at the Enforcer.

Battletech Mech Overview: Penetrator

This week's Battletech Mech Overview looks at the Penetrator, a Clan-Invasion era heavy mech from the Hansen's Roughriders box.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Centurion

In this "mech overview we look at three mechs in a trenchcoat - and they all have a mohawk. Welcome to the Centurion.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Grasshopper

This week's Mech Overview looks at the classic Grasshopper, an old design that still holds up incredibly well.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Hatchetman

Perigrin starts reviewing the Inner Sphere Heavy Lance with this 'mech overview of the Hatchetman.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Savage Wolf (Mad Cat MkIV), Alpha Wolf, Mad Cat III

Perigrin returns to the Mad Cat mech overview with the three Mad Cat shaped chassis developed after the dark ages.