The Best Year in Gaming: 2014 vs. 2016

Welcome back to our Best Year in Gaming March Madness bracket competition! Yesterday we looked at 1978 vs. 1995 and I was surprised at how many votes 1978 got – we had a lot of RuneQuest supporters in the Discord fighting for that one. Still, it wasn’t near enough to make it a close competition and 1995 cleaned up. Chrono Trigger makes a hell of a case.

Result: 1995 Wins

Now we’re wrapping up the first round in the Southeastern Conference with what I suspect will be a pretty close one: 2014 vs. 2016.


Both of these years take place in the eighth generation of game consoles, and each has something to recommend. 2014 saw the release of some extremely important games – Hearthstone, P.T., Five Nights at Freddys, Destiny, and Watch Dogs, but it also had some low moments, such as Gamergate and the seventh edition of Warhammer 40k. In the other corner, 2016 gave us gems like Titanfall 2, No Man’s Sky, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, and Pokemon GO, but tended to be a bit weaker in terms of breadth.

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