The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

While the battlefields that feature the core forces of the numerous factions in thealaxy often get all the attention, there are few places in the Imperium that do not see combat. From the nightmare infused halls of ships that have lost functionality in their Geller Fields to the lowest depths of the Underhive, violence is at the heart of the galaxy. Today’s crossword highlights the stars of Necromunda! Test your knowledge of Boxed Games and see if you can figure out the Gangs and Hired Guns hinted at below!


3. Order must be upheld in the imperium, even in the underhive. These local law enforcers uphold that order. (2 words)
4. These members are often easily recognized due to their punitive stature compared to the other members of the gang (2 words)
5. Originally designed for excavation, these heavy constructs are often retooled as weapons by gangs (1 word)
9. This cult feasts on the flesh of the fallen and worship the Lord of Skin and Sinew (4 words)
12. Though short in stature he may be, this hired gun has no problem utilizing his hammer to solve problems (2 words)
13. Scraping an existence from the scraps of others, this fanatical gang also has an obsession with fire (2 words)
14. Muscular brutes that love to flaunt their immense strength whenever they can (2 words)
15. When things get too rowdy for regular officers, these heavily armored units are sent in to assist (2 words)
1. This hired gun is best used to supply ammo to your forces (2 words)
2. Bounty hunting duo that are famous for swashbuckling adventures (4 words)
6. Gang based out of ferrous slag pits (2 words)
8. This gang utilizes expertise in pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Also have a ton of flair. (2 words)
10. These established members utilize enhancement drugs to reach peak muscularity, often becoming addicted to them (2 words)
11. The most technologically advanced and wealthy of the gangs (3 words)

Answers to the July 19 Crossword:

Across: 1. BlitzaBommer 3.CorvusBlackstar 4. VoidravenBomber 6. StormtalonGunship 7.StormravenGunship 11.SunSharkBomber 12.TyranidHarpy 14. RavenwingDarkTalon 16. RazorwingJetfighter 17. WazbomBlastajet 18. HiveCrone 19.StormfangGunship 20.DoomScythe  21. Dakkajet

Down: 2.NephilimJetfighter 5.HemlockWraithfighter 8. Valkyrie 9. BurnaBommer 10. Heldrake 13. RazorsharkStrikeFighter