The Goonhammer Open UK 2023- Winners and Thank yous

This weekend saw the fourth UK Goonhammer Open in an all new location, the De Montfort University Students’ Union building in Leicester. This time around we ran both a 40k GT and a Horus Heresy narrative event, with hundreds of games played, thousands of dice rolled, and more Wraithknights than anyone ever wants to see again. We had an amazing weekend and we hope that everyone who attended did as well!

Thank yous

This event would not be possible if not for the assistance and support of many different people.

  • Bandua Wargaming for being our 40K terrain partner, providing excellent terrain to ensure fair games for all as well as a custom Goonhammer measuring tool for every attendee!
  • Illusionary Terrain and New Aurora Painting, our 30k terrain partners who created some truly stunning boards for the Legions to battle over
  • Element Games for providing an absolute bonanza of prizes and vouchers
  • Army Painter for providing prizes to keep everyone’s hobby strong
  • Hellstorm Wargaming, for their coverage of the event so people could follow along at home
    • Special thanks to Nick (@lambopaints) for his expertise with paint judging
  • The team at Battlebling, who provided some presents for our Heresy attendees
  • Army Case for providing some of their painting handles for our painting awards.
  • The staff at the Student Union, who were extremely helpful and accommodating.
  • Our volunteers and the attendees who helped set up on Friday and then pack up on Sunday – an under-appreciated but absolutely vital component of any event. Particular thanks to everyone who assisted us even earlier than that, building and painting the new terrain and transporting it all the way up to Leicester

Warhammer 40,000

Mortarion takes to the field at the UK Goonhammer Open 2023

After six rounds of glorious miniature combat, a new champion was crowned and took home the coveted Goonhammer Champion’s Belt – Chris Paterson.

Awards – Painting

Best Single Mini – Martin Brown, GSC Magus
Best Painted Army, Judges – Sam Daniels, Deathwatch
Best Painted Army, Voted – Ian Tesh, Nurgle Custodes

Click here to see winning entries

Genestealer Cult Magus. Credit – Martin Brown

Death Guard. Credit – Sam Daniels @alfry_miniatures

Nurgle Custodes. Credit – Ian Tesh

Awards – Gaming

Best Opponent – Charles Gould
Most Determined Player –
Dawud Abu Abdillah
Best Player on 1 win – Alex Ford
Best Player on 2 wins – Matt Palmer
Best Player on 3 wins – Ehren Chapman
Best Player on 4 wins – Will Whitaker
Best Player on 5 wins – Nathan Roberts

Best in Faction

Aeldari – Rafael Harbinson
Chaos – Alex Fowler
Imperium – Janus China
Marines – Matthew McCurdy
Hive Mind – Edward Morgan
Other Xenos – Ehren Chapman

Click here to see 40K Winners

Horus Heresy

This time around the Horus Heresy Narrative depicted a bitter fight for Marinus, a city sliced in half by a molten river called the Conduit which powers the entire settlement by means unknown. As loyalists and traitors clashed to seize its secrets there were huge swings back and forth, until finally the entire city was cloaked in warp storms. Through the nightmare maelstrom arrived Konrad Curze to cut down Rogal Dorn in single combat. Despite this the loyalist lines held and victory went to the Imperials.

We were delighted to give a prize to every loyalist to mark their victory!

In addition, we had several prizes we handed out. Our best loyalist and best traitor prizes were awarded on a combination of Victory Point totals, best player nominations, and commendations from their supreme commanders.

Best Loyalist was Ben Baugh of the Ultramarines
Best Traitor was Matt McDonnell of the Alpha Legion

We also awarded sympathy prizes to our Most Punished players, who suffered the bloodiest losses across the weekend.

Most Punished Loyalist was David Bailey of the Alpha Legion
Most Punished Traitor was Aiden Gleave of the Emperor’s Children

We also awarded some prizes for Best Army (painting and modelling). Best Loyalist Army and Best Traitor Army were picked by our judge and then overall Best Army was by popular vote between the two.

Best Loyalist Army and Best Army was Luke Dunford with his Imperial Fists
Best Traitor Army was William Robinson with his Death Guard

Click here to see winning entries

Imperial Fists. Credit – Luke Dunford (@narrative_crusades)

Death Guard. Credit – William Robinson (@metzopaino)

Thanks so much to all our players, our brilliant Supreme Commanders Toby and Liam.

Click here to see Heresy Winners

Until next time

Lastly, thank you again to our crew and helpers – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Surveys will be going out for feedback later this week, please let us know how we can improve and make the next one even better – we hope to see you there.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at