The Winners of The First Annual Lockdown Painting Competition!

Welcome back everyone! It was a tough week of voting, filled with tough decisions, agonizing over details, arguments between judges, and wonderfully shameless attempts to stuff the ballot boxes but we’ve tallied up the votes and made our choices, and we’re here to announce the results of our first ever Goonhammer lockdown painting competition.

BUT FIRST – we need to give a big “thank you” to everyone who participated — your submissions were amazing, and you made it wonderfully difficult to narrow the field down to just eight entries. Thanks to everyone who voted – it was cool seeing how the fan vote went differently from the judges’ votes. And a HUGE, VERY SPECIAL THANKS to The Army Painter, who supplied some wonderful prizes for our competition. Thanks again! Be sure to check out some of the cool hobby supplies they sell. We’re particularly fond of the wet palette and the empty paint dropper bottles.

OK, now on to the winners!

Best Fantasy Squad

Reader’s Choice: Emily Bentley, Slann + Retinue

Credit: Emily Bentley

Judges’ Choice: Blood Bowl Humans Team, Daniel Delgado

Credit: Daniel Delgado


Best Sci-fi Squad

Reader’s Choice: Paul Mclachlan’s Wraithblades

Credit: Paul Mclachlan

Judges’ Choice: Chris Miller’s Word Bearers

Credit: Chris Miller


Best Fantasy Single Mini

Reader’s Choice: Christian Rolef’s Nurgle Daemon

Credit: Christian Rolef Insta:

Judges’ Choice: Paul Mclachlan’s Stormcast Da Vinci

Credit: Paul McLachlan


Best Sci-fi Single Mini

In our closest category, the winner was decided by only 20 votes!

Reader’s Choice: Darcy Bono’s Riptide

Credit: Darcy Bono

Judges’ Choice: Karl Payne’s Hive Crone

Credit: Karl Payne


The Open Competition

The Open Competition was the only category Goonhammer contributors could enter.

Reader’s Choice: Wraithbowl 2020, by Colm Browne

Credit: Colm Browne

Judges’ Choice: Custom Morkanaut, by ThatGobbo

Morkanaut. Credit: That Gobbo


Congratulations to all of our winners, and another thanks to the folks at The Army Painter for sponsoring this competition’s prizes. Our Open Competition Readers’ Choice winner (Colm Brown) will receive a Mega Paint Set from the Army Painter while each of our other Readers’ Choice winners will receive an Army Painter Wet Palette.


Next Time: Some of our favorite Runners-up

We still have a few more things to talk about with the competition, so stay tuned tomorrow when we showcase some of our favorite entries that didn’t quite make the cut! In the meantime if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at