Unboxing Kill Team: Nightmare

The Night Lords and Drukhari Mandrakes face off (on a cool playset) in Kill Team: Nightmare. Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing us with an advanced copy of the new box for review.

Credit: Games Workshop

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Unboxing Nightmare

Like the previous box, Kill Team: Salvation, this is a streamlined affair. Two Kill Teams and one sprue of terrain. Unlike Salvation’s mishmash of scatter terrain pieces, Nightmare features a big piece that may catch the eyes of Necromunda fans.

The Models

  • Night Lords Kill Team – the Chaos Space Marines Legionaires with an upgrade sprue.
  • Plastic Drukhari Mandrakes. Two sprues of five fighters each.

The Terrain

  • Generatorum Hub – Huge new terrain piece.

The Play Aids

  • Rulebook, tokens, and cards

What is NOT in this book

  • Kill Team core rulebook
  • Kill Zone Bheta Decima terrain set


Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?

Rejoice Drukhari fans, you have one less Finecast kit to deal with. The Mandrakes kit looks great, and is pretty easy to work with. The only disappointment may be for intrepid kitbashers – the back of the head is connected to the body (meaning that you just swap faces), and the hair is pretty tough to completely remove from the torsos. We still expect to see these models end up as Necromancers, Corpse Grinders, and many other weirdos.

Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?

The Night Lords upgrade sprue is fantastic. I sent the Kill Team along to another Goonhammer painter, and I cannot overstate how badly I wanted to swipe the icon bit. There are loads of heads, plenty of weapon options, and some nice sculpted shoulder pads. Everything is sufficiently “Night Lords” and is covered in bat wings and flayed skin. If you haven’t built the Legionaires kit before, this might be the best way to experience it.

The Terrain

Credit: Warhammer Community

The Generatorum Hub is a surprisingly beefy piece of kit. You could fit an entire Necromunda gang on there. Assembly is mostly fine, but the wall joins to the left and right of the stairs are a bit of a mess. There isn’t really a great join there. Even the box art has a bit of a dent there. I just loaded it up with sprue goo and sanded it down after.

I had seen some chatter about what fits on the top of this. Important note is that 40’s do not fit through the thinner passage.

32’s fit on the top just fine.

The ubiquitous Orlock shows off that 25s can move freely through the stairwell.

As you can see from this shot, you can fit a lot of dudes onto this thing! As soon as I am done painting this, you better believe that it is going right into my Necromunda terrain box.

The Play Aids

Like the previous release, this box contains nice datacards for both Kill Teams – as well as high-quality tokens for each as well. It’s always nice to see some quality tokens that match the aesthetic of the teams.

What is NOT in the Box

Similar to Salvation, this is not everything you need to get started. There is no core rulebook, and Killzone Bheta-Decima is a separate purchase.


If you like big pieces of terrain and edgy dudes wearing flayed skin, have I got the deal for you! The new Mandrakes are a significant step up, the Night Lords have some quality bits, and the terrain piece is nice and chunky. This box may not be an insta-buy like Salvation, but we suspect that the Generatorum Hub is going to become a favorite terrain piece among Necro weirdos.

Did we miss something? Do you want more full-sprue-sized terrain pieces? Drop us a line! Contact@Goonhammer.com.