The Hernkyn Yaegirs take on the Genestealer Brood Brothers in Kill Team:Nightmare. Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing an advanced copy for review.

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Unboxing Termination

Like the previous box, Kill Team: Nightmare, GW has stuck with the streamlined format – two gangs and two sprues of terrain. The scenery is surprisingly big – and like most recent Kill Team bits, will find its way onto plenty of Necromunda and 40k tables.

The Models

  • Hernkyn Yaegirs Kill Team – The second Leagues of Votann Kill Team. This time, with Dusters.
  • Genestealer Cults Brood Brothers – The recent Cadian kit with a new Brood Brothers upgrade sprue.

The Terrain

Two plasma generatoriums – glowy, grimdark sheds.

The Play Aids

  • Rulebook, tokens, and cards

What is NOT in this box

  • Kill Team core rulebook
  • Kill Zone Bheta Decima terrain set


Genestealer Cults Brood Brothers Kill Team

Brood Brothers Kill Team. Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?

Fowler: The same fantastic “new” Cadian Shock Troops kit, now with more gear (and wrinkly foreheads)… along with a few old friends.  The Kill Team comprises the Broodcoven set, and the bits to make ten Brood Brothers. Our old kit impressions for Shock troops still stand – and the new bits are just as easy to work with.

HappyRaccoon: I had not worked with the Cadian Shock Troops kit before. It was surprising that many of the torsos and backpacks were built with empty cavities, which makes poses a bit tighter than expected. To zhuzh up the operatives I mixed in bits from my Veteran Guardsmen bits box. It felt relatively easy to piece everything together, but do watch out for certain backpack combos. I am still unsure if the agitator, comms, or sapper operatives can be built with alternate torsos.

Credit: HappyRaccoon

HappyRaccoon: Details on the operatives are nice and crisp. The brood guard in specific has a lovely little chitin nub talon that I love the look of. In fact most of the newer pieces blend in well with the existing Cadian bits to give a smooth sheen or normalcy. One large miss I feel is having a few more heads on the sprue. I know this is a limitation of the half sprue uprade that GW has been doing for these boxes, but it felt sort of penned in on the sculpts. I think for aspiring players co-located with a 40k community it should be easy enough to source neophyte heads, but I’d have liked a few more.

Brood Brothers Upgrade Sprue

HappyRaccoon: As of 05/31 I have still yet to finish the squad. I’ve got 19 models with 60% of the basecoats done, and a mish mash of metallic areas I need to get around to. I’ve gone with a Militarum Green contrast, wicking away from the upper surfaces to give some highlights, but the inspiration has melted away in the mean time. I am enjoying the bright orange carapace pop from my Gryph-hound Orange, and the Dreadful Visage makes for short basecoat work on the sickly skin tones. I’m hoping to get these guys and gals finished up over the next couple weeks for some shorts content on the Just Another Kill Team Podcast Youtube so look out for them there!

Credit: HappyRaccoon
Credit: HappyRaccoon
Brood Brothers Kill Team. Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?
Brood Brothers Kill Team. Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?
Brood Brothers Kill Team. Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?

Hernkyn Yaegirs Kill Team

Hernkyn Yaegirs Kill Team. Credit: John from Can You Roll A Crit?

Fowler: Previously seen on hoverbikes, the Hernkyn show up for Termination on foot. This set is ten models across three infantry-sized sprues. The main weapon options are either pistol and melee weapon, or a bolt shotgun. There are more options as well – such as an RPG and a sniper rifle. Bits are compatible with other Votann kits, and there’s a wealth of heads & knife arms.

The consensus among our hobbyists is that the Yaegirs are a reasonably fast and mostly easy kit to put together, minus some gaps around the dusters. We found that sprue goo was perfectly fine for gap filling, so you can just slap some of that on and leave the green stuff for a future project.

The Termination Plasma Generatoriums

Dylan: The box comes with a pair of these adorable, toaster-shaped pieces of terrain. They have a small set of stairs leading to the front hatch but otherwise are a piece that seems like it’ll be tough to interact with. They are very simple to get together; just the top, bottom, sides, front and back. It has solid locators and is essentially just a box that pops together.

I approached this in a very similar way to the rest of my Necromunda terrain. I applied Vallejo Oxide Paste before primer to add rust and crusty areas. Followed with my usual spray of Rustoleum Ruddy Primer.

This was followed by a good session of carefully masking out the plasma vanes.

Once that was set, base coats went on. Montana Gold Malachite Light for the body of it and Army Painter Daemonic Yellow for the stair railings.

To finish it, I did my usual Oil paint layer, using Raw and Burnt Sienna and a little Payne’s Grey on the vents on the roof. I will apply a heavy layer of oil paints and then use a paper towel of pull paint off the piece. I’ll go back with Burnt Sienna and stipple it on for rustier areas. I left a lot of oil on this piece so it’s really grimy.

Termination Plasma Genatorium. Credit: 40khamslam.
Termination Plasma Generatorium. Credit: 40khamslam.
Termination Plasma Generatoriums. Credit: 40khamslam.

Fowler: Quick note on Necromunda playability – the boxes are much bigger than you would think! They do a solid bit of line of sight blocking, and definitely have the “Necromunda” feel. Kill Team boxes continue their streak of providing sweet Necro terrain.

The Play Aids

The precedent is set – this box contains nice datacards and tokens for both Kill Teams, as well as the standard-issue midseason KT expansion book. The cards and tokens look great; it’s always nice to snag a set of attractive ones.

What is NOT in the Box

Like the two boxes before, this is not a starter set. There is no core rulebook, and Killzone Bheta-Decima is a separate purchase.


Brood Bros needed a glow up, the grimdark toasters are fun, and why not toss us some Hernkyn that are not on bikes? It’s not as cohesive as Kill Team: Nightmare’s “edgy, flayed skin dudes” theme, but all the new stuff here is a pleasure to build and paint.

Got any questions or suggestions? Drop us a line!