Warhammer the Old World Reference Sheets

Like many of the returning Warhammer Fantasy players getting into Game’s Workshops newest iteration of square-based fantasy battles I have a few edition’s worth of rules in my head. Whether you’re coming from an older edition of Warhammer Fantasy or brand new to this universe this acts as a helpful reminder to keep your games flowing. 

Updated 14/2/24

I played one whole game of The Old World before deciding to make this because we got so many rules wrong. Simple things like “outnumbering” no longer being a +1 combat res bonus and when to cast various spells; the amount of times we’d be halfway through movement and go “oh, I needed to cast that Enhancement before this” and just rolled it anyways. So I was going to print out the reference sheet from my rulebook before realising how many coloured pages that was going to be, hating that, and making up a 2 page one instead.

Those 2 pages then turned into 3 when I decided to also add the generic weapon profiles. Then 4 when me, the dwarf player, wanted to add the basic profiles of artillery too; not how to fire these weapons, you have a rulebook for that. Misfire charts are there though!

Well there’s 8 pages total so that I could include the basic spell lores. What this doesn’t have are any of the universal special rules or how a lot of the game is played. It’s a reference sheet to be used alongside your core rulebook for a quick place to check to remind you when to cast spells, what bonuses you should include for combat resolution, and basic charts to hit and wound. On that note I absolutely despise charts in Word now.

So here it is! After a lot of tweaking and fixing of rules it’s ready:

Bair’s Old World Master Reference V6

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