Warlord Wednesdays: Legio Focus Updates

The new Traitor Legios supplement has released, and as we’ve covered in our review, it brings at least as much to the game for Traitor players as their Loyalist counterparts got from the Loyalist Legios supplement. As a result, many of the articles in our Legio Focus series need updates, and we’re hard at work pushing those out.

This week, lucky players of the following Legios can find updated articles including lists tuned for 1750 points rather than 1500, and, where appropriate, ways to use the new tricks from the Traitor Legios book:

We’re working on updating the remaining articles as well. Check back soon not only for those articles, but also for guides on using the new tricks available to Traitor players, including the new wargear and the long-awaited Corrupted Titans.