Administratum: The Necrons Update

What a year 2023 has been. A new edition of Warhammer 40,000 for some, a 4AM trip to the emergency room for others, and the lucky few of us who got both! And if you missed your chance at body-racking pain from a kidney stone, don’t worry! There’s always next year!

Speaking of the constant failings of our miserable flesh and the inevitably entropy of our decaying form, today launches Administratum’s latest add-on, Codex: Necrons. All of our Official Patrons on our Discord server have had access to it for a week, but now the living metal cat is out of the blackstone bag!

Codex: Necrons. Schrödinger’s cat included 50% of the time, every time


Administratum Add-on – Codex: Necrons

As you bring life to millennia-dormant machines, you can track your awakened systems with this add-on. As you complete agendas and use your Master System abilities, you can update which systems are active at any given time. All the Requisitions from the Codex are ready to be used, and probably don’t contain any typos. Probably!

Even if there was a typo, I probably fixed it already (maybe)

But what do all these awakening systems do, just what are they for? With this add-on, you can customize the description of each of these systems. Add rules reminder text, chart out your next strategic maneuvers, or use it to store gran-gran’s famous soup recipe. Who knows, maybe meemaw knew the secrets of blackstone!

The trick is to sweat the onions before you saute them

This add-on is available in your roster’s Settings tab. Just click on Add-Ons, and then install Codex: Necrons. And similar to Administratum’s other add-ons, our Warhound Patrons can install it directly on their campaigns, which automatically unlocks it for all members.

A Big Year Ahead

We’ve got big plans for 2024. So, so many plans. Plans within plans within plans. Not only will we be continuing to build add-ons for each new codex in Warhammer 40k, but we’ve also got tons of features we’re excited to build. The Administratum you love is only going to get better in 2024. And if you hate Administratum, don’t worry. We’ll probably slip in some bugs too, just to spice things up.

Today’s patch notes are brief and to the point. But it’s New Year’s Eve, get out there and count down some numbers.

Patch Notes: 2023-12-31

  • Added
    • Add-On – Codex: Necrons
    • Add-On – Codex: Necrons – Awaken your dynastic systems and reanimate your army
      • Dashboard – Your roster dashboard has a widget for tracking the status of all your dynastic awakening systems
      • Dashboard – Customize the description of each system for rules references or campaign notes
      • Requisition – Viral Vectors
      • Requisition – Cunning Advisors
      • Requisition – The Slow Decay of the Self
      • Requisition – Power Reserves Reallocated
  • Changed
    • Rosters – New rosters will now be sorted to the top of your roster list (now sorted by latest game played or roster creation date)
    • Unit – Dashboard – “Upgrades” section renamed to “Upgrades and Scars” which clearly indicates where Battle Scars are located
  • Fixed
    • Add-on – Codex: Spaces Marines – Assignment and Promotion – Now grants unclaimed battle honours earned from experience points transferred in from the original unit
    • Add-on – Codex: Spaces Marines – Even in Death I Still Serve – Now grants unclaimed battle honours earned from experience points transferred in from the original unit
    • Add-on – Codex: Tyrnaids – Synaptic Bioregenesis – Now grants unclaimed battle honours earned from experience points transferred in from the original unit
    • Add-on – Codex: Necrons – Cunning Advisors – Fixed a typo cause I’m bad at reading rules

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Work our more, lose some weight, or one of the other lies we all tell ourselves? Myself, I’m going to try to actually finish building and painting a launch box. I’ve still got Indomitus kicking around with unbuilt marines in it, not to mention Leviathan staring at me, shaming me from the backlog. Maybe 2024 will be the year I actually remove stuff from the model backlog instead of perpetually adding to it. Maybe. Maybe not. Probably not.