Age of Sigmar 3.0 FAQ: Ogor Mawtribes

GW released a bombshell of new FAQs last Friday, covering errata for the core book and lengthy FAQs for each faction. And as always, we’ve got you covered with the rundown of what’s changed and what it means for your games. In this series of Hot Take articles, we’ll be covering the changes and our initial reactions to them but for more detailed analysis, check back over the next two weeks as we dive deeper into how these changes affect the game and its factions.

Mawtribes as a whole don’t see many changes here, just the changing of wording to clear things up and keep it all in line with 3rd edition AoS.

The Good

  • Huskards on Thundertusks: Now they get +1 to any chanting they do for each other Thundertusk within 18” as opposed to only the ones on their warscrolls benefiting from that modifier.
  • Also along the lines of mounts, the blurb that restricted that the same mount trait not be taken more than once was deleted. So, hello to all of the Stonehorns now having +1 to hit, making their horns attack hit on 3+ at damage 4 on the charge. Nasty.

The Bad

  • Absolutely nothing: There are no nerfs, no negatives, no downsides in this update, it really did just make everything work as you’d expect for the new edition in its wording.

The Ugly

  • I mean, Ogors are not pretty things right? Only good things came from this FAQ for Ogors, no nerfs, not downgrades, everything still just works and it works well.


Credit: Fancy Necromancy

This is probably the shortest article, so Mawtribe players, you have a perfectly adequate book and you really haven’t changed much in this edition other than Monsters being even better, and how you take big blocks of units (hello 18 Glutton Bus). But we’ll get to that in the updated faction focus anyways.

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