Review: Solar Auxilia Basilisk/Medusa and Hermes Light Sentinel

Solar Auxilia players have recently received a flood of lovely new models. Arriving this week are two new kits, the Basilisk/Medusa and Hermes Light Sentinel. Thanks very much to Games Workshop for sending us these kits to review. Let's...

Goonhammer Review: The Battle of Beta-Garmon

NotThatHenryC takes a look at the latest Horus Heresy supplement - The Battle of Beta-Garmon

Aethon Heavy Sentinel: the Goonhammer Review

Today we'll be having a look at the new unit in the Solar Auxilia Battle Group box set: The Aethon Heavy Sentinel. Thanks to Games Workshop for providing us with the Solar Auxilia Battle Group box for review. The Model This is...

Hot Take: Aethon Heavy Sentinel for Horus Heresy

NotThatHenryC checks out the latest addition to the Solar Auxilia arsenal

Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter – The Goonhammer Review: Legiones Astartes

Drop pods, Spartans, and Jetbikes, oh my! The Great Slaughter provides plenty of new stuff for Legions Imperalis players to sink their teeth into, and we're here to talk about the new additions to the Legiones Astartes. Thanks as ever...

Legions Imperialis: The Great Slaughter – The Goonhammer Review: Campaigns and Titandeath

The Great Slaughter provides a lot of new content for Legions Imperialis players, not unlike the old Black Books for Heresy. About the first half of the book is background with maps, timelines, force numbers and sections called things...

Getting started with Legiones Astartes in Legions Imperialis

You’ve probably heard of these guys so I'm not going to waste too much space telling you who Space Marines are. This article is going to be long enough. We know we don’t have the rules for all the models...

The December 2023 Horus Heresy FAQs Hot Take

Games Workshop surprised us with the release of a handful of new FAQs for the Horus Heresy this week, making a number of changes to the game. We're taking a look at those changes, what they mean, and how...

The Goonhammer Review: Exemplary Battles of the Age of Darkness: Volume One

Horus has risen against the Emperor and the galaxy burns, including some of the lesser-known bits of it. So far, Exemplary Battles have been a series of free downloads published on Warhammer Community, bringing us the background of some...

Horus Heresy Tactica: Legiones Decurion

The Legiones Decurions are a set of fancy tank commanders in the Horus Heresy. This week we're diving into how to effectively use them.

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