Automated 40K Crusade Roster upgraded to V1.3

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Crusade is awesome, but does entail a lot of bookkeeping. Back in September 2020 I made an automated Crusade Roster to mitigate this. It’s designed to suit tracking your Crusade force on your mobile phone using Google Sheets. As such, the tabs are formatted to be easily navigable on a small screen rather than a PC. Because it’s a Google Sheet, you can update it on either your computer or your phone, and any changes you make will update across those platforms. It also means the folks in your Crusade can easily all share your rosters with each other.

This ended up being just a bit more popular than I expected (I pretty much just made it for myself initially, and shared it in case anyone else found it useful). In turn, this resulted in some top notch suggestions from readers, both here at Goonhammer and elsewhere.

For those of you who already have the old version and are wondering what’s new, here’s a list:

  • A Requisition Log has been added so that you can track when and where you spent your Requisition Points. This also provides space for a campaign diary if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am).
  • An Agenda sheet. You just enter your chosen agendas here at the start of the battle, and it automatically propagates across all your unit sheets.
  • Automated Agenda XP calculation. Thanks to having the new Agenda sheet, your unit sheets will now automatically tell you how much Agenda XP each unit has earned during the battle according to the tallies you entered. You can then manually add that number to their Agenda XP total to benefit from…
  • …Mostly automated XP calculation. Your unit’s rank will automatically update when you hit the appropriate XP threshold, and XP itself will auto-calculate based on tallies you’ve entered in various cells, including some that were missing from the original since the original was based off the surprisingly incomplete official GW card, such as…
  • …There’s now a tally box for the number of times a unit has been marked for greatness, as well as a box to manually input any other XP gains/losses. Between this and the fourth Agenda slot that should’ve been there (in case you’re insane and playing Crusade at 3K) this now means the unit cards are more rules compliant than the official one. I can’t claim any smug points for that, because these shortcomings were pointed out to me by other people.
  • I also added some notes to some of the cells to hopefully increase usability. I mean, usability was already fine based on the feedback, but I figure not everyone’s super used to using Sheets, and the notes functionality seems pretty unobtrusive.
  • Finally, thanks to a suggestion from Dark_Goblin right here on Goonhammer, I also added an optional unit sheet format with space to include all a units stats and weapon profiles. Obviously this goes beyond the remit of just being a Crusade Roster, so it’s not the default option, but I can see this being both cool and good for some folks.

How can I upgrade to the new version if I’ve already done a roster?

There’s enough changes here that it’s probably simplest to copy information from your existing rosters into a fresh version, rather than trying to somehow import the new formulae into your existing sheets. TBF though there are very few changes to the Order of Battle sheet, so arguably you could send a copy of that sheet into your new file. Just make sure to link the Unspent Requisition cell to the Requisition Log sheet and you’re good to go there.

If you’ve shared your roster with a bunch of people and are really keen to keep everything in the same document for some reason, the other option would be to move the Agenda and Requisition Log sheets over to your original document, along with a copy of the new unit sheet, and then just manually copy/paste info out of your original unit sheets. That should still work fine.

Shut up and tell me where to find this roster, already!

Click here to go to the Beard Bunker post containing instructions and the sheet link itself. Here’s a bonus pic of how the Order of Battle sheet can look pre- and post-customisation:

The Order of Battle sheet pre- and post-customisation. Click the image to go to