Content We Liked: 26th May, 2024

Although it’s a big internet out there, the Tabletop digital universe is pretty small and spread out. In Content We Liked, we take a look at the articles, videos, podcasts, and products that caught our eyes or were noteworthy during the prior week you might have missed.


On the Internet at Large

It’s weirdo season in this week’s column, starting with a pair of Inquisitorial weirdos for 40k. Putting Sisters of Battle in Dreadnoughts has been a concept bandied around the playerbase for decades now, but it’s always just a classic boxdread with some fleurs stuck on it. Not so much here, this awesomely up-tooled Paragon/Penitent Engine mashup dripping with gothic flair, the right balance of serene grace and sinister brutality.


Of all the things we’ve seen Cawl form the basis for a conversion, using his weird techno belly as a head is a new take. Like our first piece, this Inquisitorial… thing hits that perfect balance of gothic beauty and cruel brutality that makes for good 40k weirdness. Whatever this thing… is, it absolutely hurts to be.


Taking a swerve away from the Imperium for a moment, we have this gorgeously converted Chaos abomination using the brand new Abaxia kit from Age of Sigmar. A Helstrider head, a whole bunch of greenstuff and a worryingly fleshy colour scheme and bam, the perfect mount for Fabius Bile to steal your limbs.


Swerving allll the way out of 40k and into the realm of Blachitsu we have some skeleton weirdos to close out this week’s showcase. Y’just can’t hate a bunch of lil’ scuttling friends made out of bones, look at them rattle away! The perfect pet for any vile Lich.



This Week on Goonhammer

Goonhammer Does Video Now

Now calm down, you can stop dismantling the shrine to your favourite Goon we know you all have in a prominent spot in your home. We’re dropping some videos discussing concepts better shown via the mysterious and terrifying medium of online video, with the very handsome SRM helming our foray into this new frontier.

Goonhammer’s Doing Some Video!


Goonhammer Reviews

Terrain for Kill Team, Mantic’s take on the Heroquest formula, and a guide to the Far East theatre of World War 2 are on this week’s review docket. Also a look at the… thing GW did last week.

Age of Sigmar Spearhead Livestream Review

Age of Sigmar Dawnbringers VI – The Rules

Dungeon Saga Origins – The Goonhammer Review

Goonhammer Reviews Bandua’s WTC Terrain Pack! (Map Pack Included)

Goonhammer Historicals: Chain of Command Far East Handbook Review

Infinity N4: Resilience Operations Review


News and Previews

Games Industry News Roundup- May 21st, 2024

The Dallas Spearhead Event- Goonhammer’s Impressions

Age of Sigmar: Skaventide – Goonhammer’s First Take

Necromunday: Spyrers in the Underhive

Goonhammer’s First Look at Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons 3


Competitive Play

All your weekly Warhammer coverage and more. This week: territory control in Conquest, Battletech’s Wolfhound gets inspected, and a swinging a Darksabre around in Shatterpoint.

Competitive Innovations in 10th: 2x Gorky 3x Krump pt.1

Competitive Innovations in 10th: 2x Gorky 3x Krump pt.2

Competitive Innovations in 10th: 2x Gorky 3x Krump pt.3

Hammer of Math: Knight Shields

Chaos Space Marines Points Update: The Goonhammer Hot Take

Index: Emperor’s Children – the Goonhammer Hot Take

Detachment Focus: Canoptek Court

Competitive Innovations in the Mortal Realms: 2024-05-22

That Time Again: How to Use a Clock in Competitive Play

Seizing Zones in Conquest: Last Argument of Kings

ASOIAF: Tactics Neutrals Part One – Duncan the Tall and Hedge Knights

Mikey Mouse Club #21 – Restricted Area!

Battletech Mech Overview: Wolfhound

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Choosing an Affiliation Part 2

Collecting Fallout Factions: Super Mutants


Painting and Modelling

How to Paint Everything shows us how to paint Scarlet Spider and Gwenom in the super high contrast comicbook style, while Hobby 101 delves into the art of mixing your own colours.

Hobby 101: Mixing

How to Paint Everything: Scarlet Spider and Gwenom – Comic Book Style


Other Cool Stuff

Acetronomer and Mugginns teach us about The Indian National Army, an oft forgotten participant in World War 2. Talking about their storied history, and how to represent them on the tabletop.

Goonhammer Historicals: The Indian National Army – The Forgotten Army of WW2