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40k list building has a problem. The most common choices are to use Battlescribe, and turn up to games with printouts that are ten pages long and practically illegible, or to use the codex, which is nicer looking and more accurate, but has a menu of options that you probably didn’t take. In other words: BattleScribe lists are thicc, but only the Codex can truly get it. What if there were a way to show up at a game with a list that was both thicc and could get it. Is that a thing?

Dear reader, it extremely is.

It comes in 40k:

And Kill Team flavors:

And you can use it to your heart’s content, right here. All it takes is a BattleScribe roster file, and a printer, and you can be the belle of the ball at your next GW event. Hell, buy a laminator, and treat your list like an over-sized deck of Magic Cards, why not.

Unlike most Goon Projects, it actually works and is actively maintained, so if you run into any problems, feel free to drop me ( a line, through the usual goon-approved channels, or use the public GitHub to submit any pull requests you might have.


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  1. richyp says:

    Just wanted to mention how awesomely cool this is. Nice work.

  2. TheChirurgeon says:

    This is insanely good

  3. Dode says:

    This is truly awesome, but I have noted a few errors with the “contents” section.

    I have a Centurion Devastator squad which shows contents as 1 Centurion, 1 Centurion Sergeant
    I have a Scout Squad (with heavy bolter) which shows contents as 1 Scout, 1 Scout Sergeant (interestingly the Tactical Squad with Missile Launcher works fine)

    There is also an issue with numbers of weapons. The Centurions have 2 lascannons each but this is not described anywhere. Same with the two twin autocannon on the Venerable Dreadnought.

    Like I say, this is an excellent application which I would love to use regularly (I currently use a css file to make the Battlescribe output legible) but the relatively minor issues above mean it’s not entirely viable.

    Final thought: are you willing to make the code open source?

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