Everything Shown at Warhammer Skulls 2024

If you happened to be too busy grilling and chilling Memorial Day Weekend (or just doing something else if you’re not American), we’ve got a recap for all of the big game announcements from Skulls 2024 this past weekend. Just a heads up, most of these videos are age gated, so you’ll need to click through to see them.

As Summer starts to kick off and the Summer Games Fest looms on the horizon, Games Workshop got things going a little early with Skulls 2024, returning with a showcase of upcoming Warhammer video games across various platforms. And frankly, this year’s slate of titles is pretty diverse and exciting, so let’s get right to it and talk about what you can start looking forward to. 

Space Marine II


Developer: Saber Interactive
Release Date: September 9 2024
Platforms: PS5, Xbox X/S, Steam, Epic Game Store

This is why you’re probably here, right? Or the most you heard about if anything from the Skulls showcase? Well, I can’t blame you. However, before we go into the game and what we’ve seen, take a moment to appreciate just how much the gaming landscape has changed since the release of the original game back in 2011. That’s right, it’s been 13 years since the original game. There are probably a few reasons to still feel a little hesitant for this game, but I’m one who tends to err on the side of caution. What was shown here is a pretty solid showcase: single player campaign was shown, the 6v6 PvP was covered, and the most interesting new tidbit was a three-player PvE mode. The number of players is a little odd (why 3 and not 4?) but a PvE mode opens up for more interesting multiplayer action, especially as gaming tastes have changed quite a bit since the original game and PVE/co-op is far, far more common these days. A VR Game was also announced, called, well, Space Marine VR – Defenders of Avarax. Also, you can get a Space Marine gaming chair. 

Mechanicus II

Developer: Bulwark Studios
Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC

I actually was really excited to see this as it was always hard to know how successful Mechanicus had been. Mechanicus is a really solid game and one of those titles that does well even if you aren’t very into Warhammer. The strategy RPG elements are very well done and the game itself was, at least in my opinion, one of the best Warhammer games made, one that took and used the license without feeling too limited by it and doing exactly what it set out to do. There’s really not much announced here in the teaser except for one very big thing: Playable Necrons. That’s right, Mechanicus II has two factions to play through this time, and that alone has me really excited to see what a Necron campaign has in store. There’s no set date, so I’d expect this game sometime next year at the earliest. 

Talisman Digital 5th Edition

Developer: Nomad Games
Release Date: TBA
Platform: PC

Talisman is a somewhat infamous board game that is sort of approaching Monopoly levels of nostalgic falsehoods in terms of fun. I’ve played quite a lot of Talisman on physical tabletops, and also the Warhammer reskin of it called Relic, and while I can’t say every time was miserable, I am sort of wondering who is desperate to play Talisman on a computer with other people in 2024, but apparently the answer is “at least a dozen people”? I’m being a bit of a hater, so I will say experience with older digital versions made the behemoth that is Talisman on the tabletop a lot smoother and streamlined. If you’re looking for a game you can play with your friends or miss board game nights now that you’re all busy and far apart, Talisman might be worth keeping an eye on. 

Boltgun: Forges of Corruption 

Developer: Auroch Digital
Release Date: June 18, 2024
Platforms: Steam, Xbox One X/S, PS4, PS5, X

Boltgun succeeded at bringing 40k to audiences that both loved the series and loved the Boomer Shooter genre, finding that sot of wider success that many Warhammer games tend to struggle with. I really loved Boltgun when I played it, and was surprised at how well it carried the 40k feel into such a retro-aesthetic game. Since this is just a DLC, you’ve got a chance to give the main game a try on almost any platform you have available to you. I will hazard that I sometimes found the game a little motion sickness inducing, so if you’re sensitive to that in your Boomer Shooters, just know about that going in. The new DLC is going to add more of what the main game offered, and arrives in a few weeks, so now’s a great chance to get acquainted with Malum Caedo. 

Blood Bowl III

Developer: Cyanide Studios
Release Date: Out now, Season 5 DLC coming June 11th
Platforms: Steam, Playstation Plus, Xbox X/S

I’m not going to sugar coat it: Blood Bowl 3 is extremely divisive due to the game’s new monetization scheme compared to its previous ones. I say this up front because if you look the game up on Steam, you’ll see that the reviews are all trending negative and have been for some time. That said, if you enjoy Blood Bowl 3, the announcement here was that more is coming with a new season 5 DLC. Sadly, I don’t think this announcement is going to chance people’s opinions on the game. If you’re considering checking it out, I certainly suggest reading about what you’re getting into. 

Speed Freeks

Developer: Caged Element Inc.
Release Date: Coming soon (Demo available)
Platforms: PC

Marcy: Warhammer Kart jokes aside, Speed Freeks was basically a car combat board game using Ork vehicles that was sold a few years ago. This iteration is a Free to Play multiplayer game that focuses on combat themed racing, which reminds me of Twisted Metal more than Mario Kart. I think there are two things that will make or break this game: what does F2P actually mean here, and how tight and fun is the racing? If the racing element is good and the monetization isn’t overly predatory, this might be a sleeper hit. I plan on giving the demo a shot, and you should too if you find the concept interesting.

Rogue Trader: Void Shadows

Developer: Owlcat Games
Release Date: August 8 2024
Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox X/S

Rogue Trader had the unenviable position of being a classic RPG that came out in the wake of and height of Baldurs Gate 3s popularity, so I think most people kind of just forgot the game existed. Which his a shame, because it was a pretty solid RPG in it’s own right and probably one of the best 40k themed games, especially one not based about shooting things to death constantly, that is actually available. Void Shadows is new DLC so hopefully that will help bring new eyes to the game and maybe get people to give the game a chance again, and Skulls also revealed the main game has been optimized to run on Steam Deck, meaning you can now play it on the go if you are so inclined. DLC or not, if you like RPGs and 40k, you should give Rogue Trader a chance. 

Darktide: Secrets of the Machine God

Developer: Fatshark
Release: June 25th, 2024
Platforms: Steam

Speaking of games with unfortunate timing, Darktide made a bit of a splash and then got absolutely obliterated from most people’s memory with the release of Helldivers II. The game also has a fairly mixed reception and some of the choices Fatshark has made since release have not particularly helped the game in that regard, so it will remain to be seen if Secrets of the Machine God can help bring life back to the game; the player base has been slowly declining over the months since September’s release, so a really exciting and revitilizing DLC could do wonders. But enough about that shit, cause here comes…


Developer: Fatshark
Release Date: Updates coming 30th of May
Platforms: Steam, Epic, Xbox Platforms, PS4, PS5

THAT’S RIGHT, VERMINTIDE II IS BACK BABY! Fatshark announced a slew of improvements to the game, from quality life changes, loadouts, bug fixes, and a big update to both Winds of Magic and Chaos Wastes. They also mentioned new weekly quests will be ont he way, new boons, and lots more content to everyone’s favorite Skaven killing game. PC players will also get to try out a new Versus mode Alpha, so at the very least, this writer is incredibly excited to get more reasons to get people to play Vermintide II with me again. 

Mobile Games and Wrap Up

The Skulls show closed out with a list of updates for various mobile Warhammer games. Notably, Tacticus is going to get a new expansion in June, while Warpforge and Legions will be getting new material Now (For Warpforge), introducing the Sisters of Battle to the game, and Legions will be getting updates on June 21st with Thousand Sons, Legio Custodes, and Space Wolves. Other games got some recent and free updates that are worth checking out of if you haven’t noted them yet: Battlesector got free units, Relics of War has a new dlc and is free to keep on Epic Store and Steam, which you should really get on before you miss out on that deal. Inquisitor Martyr got a new class, Combat Cards has more content, Freeblade is getting stuff, and Chaos & Conquest started a new event. In tie-in news, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III has some content coming on June 12 and 15th, and World of Tanks is introducing the Rogal Dorn, so you too can combine your love of Warhammer 40k mechanized tanks with a game whose community is infamous for constantly leaking classified information. 

And, phew! That’s about it. Quite a lot for a presentation, really, and a lot to be excited for. Warhammer games have never been better, so perhaps the only downer of the presentation is the realization that Age of Sigmar games are still lagging far behind 40k games, but hopefully that will start changing soon too. We’ll keep checking out all the big presentations just in case you don’t get to, so keep your eyes here for more news and round-ups!