Fowler’s Road to Adepticon: The Manwolfs Prepare to Ride

Howdy scummers! Fowler is gearing up for his first trip to Adepticon. Let’s check in and see how panicked he is.

Credit: Fowler

Recently I have caught myself saying “I should have started this earlier” a lot. According to the Adepticon vets I have talked to, that means I am doing it right. It’s only two nights until I head out to Chicago, and I am still waffling on what exactly I want to run for Necromunda!

My itinerary:

Wednesday – Arrive, GW Preview
Thursday – Free Day, maybe a late signup or a trip into Chicago proper
Friday – Necromunda
Saturday – Necromunda
Sunday – Cover Golden Demon stuff, go home

And here is what I set out to accomplish:

  1. Paint some new models
  2. Magnetize THE ENTIRE GANG and vehicles for transport  DONE
  3. Make myself a matching battle jacket DONE

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with this batch of minis! As of now I just need to:

  • Paint eyes
  • Highlight skin & hair
  • Highlight fine details (LHO sticks, knee hazard stripes, etc)
  • Paint Skateboards
  • Panel line as needed
  • Finish bases

Here’s what I am working on:

Initiation Tactics Card Crew

Initiation is a tactics card that gives you up to three rookies with sawn-off shotguns and flak armor. As I already have plenty of Orlock dudes running around, I used the Forge World champion and gangers kit as a base here. The new guard upgrade & Field Gun, Outcast gang, Atalan Jackals, and Escher upgrade kits were raided for bits. The middle ganger was given the color palette I usually reserve for gang leaders – in the future she could see play as a support-style leader.

Old Friends & New Weapons

I’ve made it through a frightening amount of Orlock gangers without arming one with an autopistol. Many thanks to the absolute legend 40kHamslam for hooking me up with the Warhammer World Exclusive version of the resin Orlock kit – which let me add that autopistol along with a meltagun. The maxed-out Wrecker conversion made from Catachan Carl Weathers may not exactly be practical, but he does represent a possible outcome on the House Favours table. One of the bonuses is temporary access to D3 Wreckers with 100 credits of gear. You better believe my plan is to give one a Plasma Pistol / Servo Claw and any others a board with a nail in it. The punchline – we probably won’t have house favours in this campaign.

I don’t know if he will show up during the campaign, but look forward to a potential visit in a pickup game.

Hangers-On / Hired Guns

It’s very likely that I will be taking an Ammo-Jack as soon as possible, and why not have an appropriate model for the job? Apollus Kage was one of the earliest models I put on a skateboard – the Captain Morgan pose just invited it.

Chaptered in from my Outcast gang, we have a couple of Hive Scum. The sawn-off toting one is likely to represent a potential free scum from a boon. Yes I know the Plasma Pistol one isn’t a legal loudout for one you can hire. I’m not likely to get Scum and he looks cool, so get off my case!

Adding to the Motorpool

This was a great excuse to finally paint the mounted version of the Ripper Jackson Orlock conversion I completed a couple of years back. While I don’t think a heavy flamer light vehicle is a great use of credits, the Wolfquad has been staring me down – half-finished – ever since that last batch was done. It deserves to be completed along with this crew.

Orlock Roadboss. Credit: Fowler

You Mentioned a Matching Battle Jacket?

Many thanks to my wonderful fiancee for helping me make this righteous jacket! I cut up a Manwolfs shirt and made backpatches out of it. This should make me a bit easier to find – if you see me at Adepticon, say hi!

And now… back to painting. See you all in a couple of days. Are you heading to Adepticon? Are you making a battle jacket to match your gang too? Drop us a line at