Goonhammer Historicals News You Can Use: Bolt Action 3rd Edition Announcement

You can’t go a day on wargaming social media without someone asking about Bolt Action Third Edition, and we’re here to share the announcement from Warlord Games and Osprey that it’s on the way. Bolt Action was first released to great acclaim in 2012, second edition hit in 2016, and now a new edition will be here in Fall 2024.

BA has been in a good way since Second Edition released – there aren’t any gaping holes or huge problems, so it’ll be interesting to see what they update. We’ll post an article later with our hopes and dreams for the new edition, for now lets get straight to the news release.

This is what you’ve all been waiting for. This September, the fighting intensifies.
Warlord Games and Osprey Games are proud to announce a new edition of the world’s greatest World War II wargame…

Bolt Action: Third Edition
World War II Wargaming Rules

Landing 26/09/2024
From the award-winning Warlord Games

My chief mission with Bolt Action: Third Edition was to make my favourite game an even better experience for the players. For me, there’s always one goal in mind – continuing my quest for a truly ‘seamless’ set of wargame rules – in other words, the Holy Grail of a rules system where the players are always thinking about their next moves on the table, and not about the rules of the game! I think Bolt Action: Third Edition is definitely a big step in that direction, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me!” – Alessio Cavatore, Bolt Action: Third Edition author

A revised and updated third edition of the best-selling Bolt Action World War II wargaming rules.

Bring the great battles of World War II to your tabletop with Bolt Action. Strike out from the beaches of Normandy towards Germany. Sweep across the deserts of North Africa in lightning raids. Battle the enemy and the sweltering heat in the jungles of Asia and on the islands of the Pacific. Fight doggedly from street to street in Arnhem, Stalingrad, and Berlin.

Whatever your preferred style of play, or your historical interests, the diverse army and scenario options will allow you to build a force that fits. Field everything from standard rifle platoons to heavily armoured tank forces, fast-moving reconnaissance patrols, and even artillery units.

This third edition features refined and updated rules and starter army lists to get new players straight into the action. Seasoned veterans, meanwhile, will find new tactical depth in the detailed force composition mechanics and a wide variety of fresh challenges in the scenario generation system.

Rally your forces, study the terrain, and prepare for battle – the fight continues!

The series will proudly continue to be supported by the award-winning range of official miniatures from Warlord Games.

Want to hear more about what’s in store for Bolt Action?
Stay tuned for further information.


More info can be found here, including the BIG news that the Armies of… books will be redone. 

There you have it, the announcement for Bolt Action Third Edition. It’s an exciting time for Bolt Action players – what will the new edition change and update? For new BA gamers or people interested in historicals, it’s a perfect jumping-on point. Please leave your comments below telling us what you’d like to see in the new edition.

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