Goonhammer’s Updated Crusade Balance Dataslate: January 2023

Last week we announced our big upcoming Global Crusade campaign – you can find those details here. This week we’re kicking off some near-daily coverage and previews of the campaign, including materials and information players will need for the upcoming event. Today we’re happy to kick that off with an updated version of the Goonhammer Approved Crusade Dataslate. The Crusade Dataslate addresses a number of key issues with Crusade rules, tweaks a number of issues, and adds some quality of life improvements to round things out for Crusade, generally making it much more tolerable to play.

We’ll be using this dataslate for games played in the Vadinax campaign, and before we kick things off, we wanted to include a few changes and updates based on reader feedback, and also incorporate rules for the upcoming Boarding Actions game mode. Specifically, here are the changes:

  • Added a note about giving relics to squad leaders using the Specialist Reinforcements Requisition.
  • Added rules for playing Boarding Actions games using an existing Roster. Rules have been added to allow players to field “partial units” from their Order of Battle and handle splitting units into Boarding Squads.
  • Based on Patron requests, we’ve added some rules and points values for fielding some Legends units for Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines in Crusade. So if you’re looking for a place to field your Jump Pack Chaos Lord or Sorcerer on Bike, Vadinax is the place to do it.

You can find the updated dataslate here:

Goonhammer Approved Crusade Dataslate – January 2023


Check back tomorrow when we take a look at the Vadinax Sector and introduce some of the key locations players will be fighting over, and some of the storylines they might be following.

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