How to Paint Hive Fleet Behemoth – Beanith’s Method

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How to Smoosh a Behemoth Tyranid – Oppa Beanith Style

So you’ve probably read everyone else’s techniques and thought that they would look fantastic on all of your giant buggy friends… And you’d be right. Me on the other hand,
I have naps to take and urgent work deadlines to ignore until the last possible minute, so here’s my super quick way to smash out the hundreds of little buggy friends you’ll need to probably hold an object or use as a meatshield.

Step 1. Be caught out napping in the sniper’s nest overlooking the Goonhammer Watercooler.

Step 2. Get told that claiming “I used to be part of the Goonhammer Paint Brigade before taking a Hyundai to the knee” isn’t a valid excuse anymore and I need to get Rob photos of that web crawling menace or at the very least paint a Termagant in Behemoth colours.

Step 3. Priming – Prime up some Termagants with Citadel White Scars primer.

Step 4. Spend an evening fixing up my brushes before digging out the Contrast Blood Angels Red and then smoosh it all over the model trying to avoid the carapace where possible. Then take a photo revealing all the spaces you missed and then swear a little.

Step 5. Smoosh about some Contrast Black Legion on the Carapace, gun and claw.

Step 6. Forget to take a photo of touching up the teeth, tubes and bits of the gun with some Citadel White Scar.


Step 7. Psych yourself up and follow in the footsteps of our Goonhammer Edgelord, the one and only Badcast Dan, and then hamfist some edge highlights over the black carapace, claws, hooves, and gun with Citadel Calgar Blue.

Step 8. Smoosh around some Contrast Space Wolves Grey on the rubble and then hide all of that minor detail with a nice large dollop of Citadel Stirland Mud. Really splash it around and get it everywhere.

Step 9. Paint the rim with Contrast Striking Scorpion Green in the vague hope that sempai SRM will notice and be slightly offended by a non black base rim.

Step 10. Wait until the last second and slap together a recipe and sprinkle it with deliberate spelling errors and constantly switching between UK and US spelling.

This article is part of a larger series on How to Paint Tyranids. To return to that series, click here.