Malifaux July 2023 Errata Hot Take: The FAQ

Well, well, well.  Look what we have here!  A hot steaming pile of errata!  And not a moment too soon, too.  The Madness of Malifaux was a little too mad, and some perplexing rules interactions were baffling Malifaux’s top minds.

Fortunately, the Faq Truck has plowed into an embankment, spilling answers to your most pressing questions all over the highway.  This FAQ update addresses a few topics that came up with respect to new models, as well as some older questions that had lingered for a while unanswered.

I’ve previously covered the buffs and the nerfs, so this shouldn’t take long.  You can find the full FAQ here.  Many of the changes aren’t actually surprises – they’re unintuitive, perhaps, but a careful reading of the rules would reveal that they already worked that way. I won’t mention those; it’s just clarified that stuff like the Coryphee Duet’s Fast-sharing trick actually works, or the Amputation/Demise (Smoldering Heart) combo works the way it would seem to.

The Grave Goo is a persistent source of complex rules questions.  This is not how I would have expected this one to come out.  A lot of models make terrain auras that friendlies can ignore, but if you get the terrain all gooey, then they can’t ignore that.  Makes sense, I guess?  Vent Steam around a Grave Goo… imagine the smell.

I like this.  Will of Cadmus really relies on being the last thing that happens.  It’s a big part of the crew’s power.  Double-activating a model is not a common ability, but it’s not as rare as it was.  This will help Nexus against Asami, Tara, and Molly… and nobody else, right now, but maybe someday.

Haha, eat shit, Seamus!

Very interesting.  This feels like future-proofing.  If it doesn’t have a Rg, it doesn’t have a Range, even if there’s “a limited distance in which you’re allowed to do it.”

This is one of the oldest unanswered questions in Malifaux, and previous attempts to clarify the meaning of “another” did not help.  Now we know how it works.  Incidentally, this makes Big Brain Brin even better… not like he needed the help.

Not how I would have expected this ruling to go.  I guess it’s an enemy effect because an enemy pushed the cart?  A pretty narrow ruling, but useful when it comes up.

Another ruling that was apparent from a close read of the rules, but that’s good to see spelled out.  Moving “towards” something can mean moving “through” it as long as you are allowed to move through the thing in question.  This makes a lot of “ignore models while moving” abilities better.

This was strongly implied from the wording of other abilities, but it’s nice to have confirmation.  Chose TWO options, not ONE OPTION TWICE, you little chiseler.

I previously called this one out specifically as a question Wyrd needed to answer.  And they did: now we know how Use ‘Em As Bait works.  Not as strong as the read I was hoping, but reasonable.  If you or a Marker is moving, and at any point you’re touching each other, you came into base contact with each other and the Clampetts get to draw (or you have to discard).  You can use Inclement Weather to drop Tide Markers on enemies and then wait for them to activate and have to move, I guess.

That’s all for the FAQ!  Little tiny column.  If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out my hot takes on the buffs and nerfs.  And if you have any lingering rules questions, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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