Marvel Crisis Protocol – Adepticon Roadmap Stream Wrap-Up

All screencaps taken from the AMG panel stream run by the Professional Casual Network. PCN does a ton of work supporting the Marvel community, so please check them out on Twitch and YouTube

Last weekend at Adepticon, Atomic Mass Games showed off their plans for the next year or so of Marvel Crisis Protocol. They showed off some characters people have been asking for for a while and some that were complete surprises, so let’s get into it!

Things got started with a pair of boxes coming out in a couple of months. The things I’m most excited about here are the Venomized tactics card that lets you bond anyone (yes, even someone like Hulk) with a Symbiote, giving them Venom’s We Are Hungry attack, and Sandman being the game’s first character who gets two grunt characters. They have some serious drawbacks, but still, two grunts is a lot of extra bodies on the board.

Moving into July and August we’ve got Black Panther, Chosen of Bast & Namor the Submariner. This Black Panther represents the spiritual nature of the character, and was described as something of a tribute to Chadwick Boseman, who unfortunately passed when development of the model was starting. Shang-Chi and Silver Sable are here to give some love to The Defenders, bringing two new characters to the affiliation and two new tactics cards that seem pretty great. Finally, the Asgardian box will include a 6-threat Thor.

With the immediate future out of the way, the presentation entered the third quarter, which is time for New Mutants:

Weapon X (Wolverine when he was being experimented on by the Canadian and American governments) and Maverick (a guy who was also in some Wolverine comics) are here to bulk out the Weapon X affiliation, while Sunspot and Warlock are here and bring a New Mutants affiliation with them. Go back and read those old 80’s New Mutants comics if you never have, they’re amazing.

The bombshell announcement of the mutant wave is Apocalypse. He has a new mechanic where he can “turn characters into his horsemen,” which gives them additional powers. There will also be a terrain set to support him, and an Ultimate Encounter where you can try to defeat an even more powerful version of the character. And, of course, what would Apocalypse and his Horsemen be without THE Horseman, Archangel. Also included in that box is another version of the character from his time as Angel, so you can complete the original X-Men lineup.

In Q4, things get spooky.

In the most surprising section of the night, Q4 2024 (and a bit of 2025) was revealed to be the home of people you really don’t want to run into at night. These are far enough out that we didn’t get a ton of info about them. Dracula will be able to make his own affiliation, while the other monsters will be Midnight Sons affiliated. Dracula’s castle is the largest piece of terrain they’ve ever made, and considering how big the Quinjet is, that’s saying a lot. Mephisto is bringing a new play pattern to the game that revolves around making bargains with your opponent, and Elsa Bloodstone will have a new leadership for the Midnight Sons, presumably revolving around the monsters released here.

Finally, Nova and Yondu were revealed as new Guardians of the Galaxy affiliated characters. No more info on them until Ministravaganza in a few months, but I’m already getting my hopes up for a Nova Corps leadership on Nova to give an alternative to playing Star-Lord all the time.

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