Star Wars: Shatterpoint and Legion – Adepticon Roadmap Stream Wrap-Up

All screencaps taken from the AMG panel stream run by the Professional Casual Network. PCN does a ton of work supporting the Shatterpoint community, so please check them out on Twitch and YouTube

Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Atomic Mass Games kicked off their roadmap stream Adepticon weekend by going over their Star Wars: Shatterpoint releases for the next 9-12 months. They revealed lots of models people have been waiting for, and a couple of surprises, so let’s check them out!

We got started with a few releases coming out in June. Iden Versio leads the Imperial Special Forces, and like the recent Ewok squads, this box will have multiple ways to build a squad so you can customize it to your needs. Han Solo and Chewbacca are themed around their time on Endor during Return of the Jedi, and bring a good amount of support to the Rebel Alliance and Scoundrel keywords. Finally, the Never Tell Me the Odds mission pack is the last of a planned “trilogy” of mission packs that started with the core set, and it brings a mechanic that can let your characters move the momentum tracker towards a victory if they can roll well enough and wound enemies.


Moving into July and August, we’ve got two boxes representing the crew of The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels. The two squads are very synergistic with each other, with each character having a Spectre keyword that abilities then trigger off of, but they’re also great at supporting Rebel Alliance units in general. Grand Admiral Thrawn then makes his first appearance in an AMG Star Wars game, this time themed around his appearance in the Rebels cartoon. Thrawn brings a new mechanic to the game, but it wasn’t elaborated on during the presentation. Kallus, the secondary unit in the box, has a mechanic where you can “pick his allegiances” before battle, which makes him work well in both Rebel Alliance and Empire lists. Presumably this will let you pick his keywords before each game, but that was not confirmed.

As Shatterpoint moves later into 2024, we see support for previously released squads and a trio of releases diving into the film The Empire Strikes Back. First, Bad Batch fans get some love with a release of Crosshairs as a Primary Unit for the Empire. Crosshairs is a deadly sniper, and the squad also includes a flamethrower special trooper for your close-combat needs. Grogu and Din Djarin see the rest of the Mandalorian Covert join the fight on their side, letting players run a full Mandalorian TV-show themed force. We didn’t get much info about them, but the models look cool and will give you lots of reasons to say “this is the way” if you’re into that.

General Veers leads a squad of Snowtroopers into battle as more of a support-oriented Empire primary unit. He’ll be able to use “off-table bombardment” in some fashion rather than getting his hands dirty himself. Lando brings Lobot and some Cloud City security guards, and will have a “shifting loyalty” mechanic similar to Kallus from the previous wave, representing his dilemmas during the film.

The final release for this wave is maybe the most interesting, as it goes completely against the way models have been released for this game so far. With one exception, every box of models released for Shatterpoint has contained a Primary, Secondary, and Supporting unit, letting you play it as a complete squad out of the box. With the “We Don’t Need Their Scum” unit pack, this goes out the window. Every model in it is a secondary unit, only playable when mixed in with other existing squads. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s really cool to get all these characters in this form in one release, instead of spread amongst however many full squad releases, but on the other the one-box nature of squad building in Shatterpoint is one of it’s best features.

Finally, we got a couple of early reveals for squads coming out in early 2025. There wasn’t much information given about these, but the “Requesting Your Surrender” box will bring Kit Fisto and Nahdar Vebb from the Clone Wars cartoon to the game, while the “Wisdom of the Council” box brings Ki-Adi Mundi and a supporting unit of Jedi Padawans. Once these two boxes are out, players will be able to run a Galactic Republic force where every model is carrying a lightsaber, finally matching their Separatist foes.

Star Wars: Legion

With the Shatterpoint part of the presentation over, it’s time to switch from a skirmish over to a mass battle with previews for Star Wars: Legion. The presentation for this game was a bit shorter, as most of the previewed releases are further out towards the end of the year. Legion may be coasting just a bit through 2024 in order to build towards a huge 2025.


Releasing in May, we get fairly detailed previews for both Republic Clone Commandos and Empire Range Troopers. Range Troopers are a Support unit for the Empire, based on their appearance in the Solo movie. They bring the Advanced Targeting keyword to the game, giving them a free aim token when they shoot at a Trooper unit, and paired with the T21-A gun they’re really going to mess up some basic squads. The Clone Commandos will have modular weaponry that you can change during the game to suit the situation you’re dealing with in the moment.

The Bad Batch are coming to Legion in July, with a unique squad composition. Every member of the Bad Batch, barring Omega, is represented as a free heavy weapons upgrade that you equip to the unit to give it special rules related to that member. For example, as seen in the screenshot, Crosshair adds a red die to your attack pool as well as a ton of keywords, while Hunter can deal damage directly to a unit at close range. The Bad Batch will be able to be used as mercenaries in Rebel Alliance armies, letting you play them across factions.


In Q4 2024, we’ll see a pair of releases themed around Rogue One & Andor as well as the real stars of the presentation, Separatist Crab Droids. We didn’t get any details about these units, but if they’re the new standard of sculpting over at AMG all of the new, hard plastic versions of the old Rebel and Empire units that are coming out next year are going to be spectacular. The rebels and Stormtroopers look so much more dynamic than their existing counterparts, it’s like night and day.

Crab droids are crab droids, just look at them and try to tell me you aren’t going to build a whole army themed around them. You can’t.


The beginning of 2025 brings us ARF Troopers for the Republic, Aqua Droids for the Separatists, and a nice looking terrain pack. Again, light on details, but the ARF troopers bring the idea of a generic “Jedi Knight” attachment that can be paired with either the new ARF Troopers or the existing ARC Troopers, which will likely change up how they play pretty significantly. The terrain pack looks pretty nice, and will be a good option for players looking for some variation on their tables. The Aqua Droids are pretty large and pair well with the Crab Droids from earlier, so prepare to dehumanize yourself and face to ocean.


In Summer 2025, we’re getting new sculpts for Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous. Same units as the ones that exist, but great new sculpts to bring them up to modern standards. They look great, and I’m looking forward to seeing how these are released in the future (cough Legion second edition cough).

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