Necromunday: Orlock Outrider Quads & Painting Guide Update

Howdy scummers! I just finished painting up a couple of the new Orlock Outriders, and it seemed like a great time to add my gang (and vehicle) scheme to our Orlock painting guide! While I noted that assembly can be a pain in our Ash Wastes boxed set review, they were a blast to paint up. Looking forward to emptying my Orlock backlog and filling out my motor pool. Expect a third round of my Manwolfs showcase in the reasonably near future!

To reiterate, I highly recommend using the sub-assemblies from the GW painting video. Painting this as one large object definitely does not seem like it would be a great time.

We still owe you a FAQ article! Expect that one soon. In the meantime, enjoy dreaming about / building your primo Ash Wastes vehicle kitbashes. Got any hot tips for us? Drop a line to