Star Wars Legion Event Report: That’s No Bad Moon

The first part here was my first ever Legion event, this is the follow up, doubling in player number, and even including some wins this time! 

The Format

Games were 800 points (standard size for Legion) and there were 3 games across the day from 10:15 until 18:00 with a short break for lunch. If you’re not familiar with Legion the deployments, missions, and conditions are actually part of list building. From the core sets of the game you get 4 of each of these cards, and that’s how many you choose in your list. You get other ones from expansion sets like Vital Assets which I finally got so I could have more options to choose from for my hand. Whoever has less points in their list uses their deck of cards so I built as close to 800 points on the dot as I could so I didn’t have to worry about this at all, which nearly worked out; maybe after this time I’ll actually try and aim to use my deck. These 4 cards are shuffled within their own types, laid out, and going from left to right that’s the objective, deployment, and condition that you play. Each player gets to veto two cards, starting with the player who’s deck you’re using, discarding the left-most card. I really like how this is done, it adds another element to list building and makes the TO’s job a lot easier – don’t have to write up or decide on any deployments or missions!

This was a 24 player event, taking up all 12 tables at Bad Moon Cafe in central London, double the numbers from the last one I attended in January!

My Army

For my second event I wanted to at least try and take something a little bit better, still with my Separatists since my Shadow Collective are still bare plastic (something that’s allowed for the events but not something I wanted to do myself). I’d been wanting to pick up an AAT for a little while anyways so got that, some more B1’s and decided to run the Invasion Force battleforce.

"I Still Can't Seem To Hit Anything"
798/800 (8 activations)
- Count Dooku (195): Force Push (10), Force Barrier (10), Force Reflexes (5), Commanding Presence (5) = 225
- 4× Battle Droids (38): E-5C Trooper (16) = 216
Special Forces:
- 2× IG-100 MagnaGuard (72): Into the Fray (4) = 152
- AAT Battle Tank (175): OOM-Series Droid Pilot (7), High-Energy Shells (8), Armor-Piercing Shells (10), Linked Targeting Array (5) = 205

Commands: • Fear, Surprise, Intimidation, • AI Coordination, •• Double the Fall, •• Push, ••• You Disappoint Me, ••• Assault, •••• Standing Orders

The main idea here is that Dooku and the AAT do all of the killing work while the B1’s maybe roll some crits and the Magnaguard can soak up some wounds for Dooku while he also Force Barriers them. It’s pretty straightforward, really. Realistically it’s only the Battleforce because it already fit and AI Coordination for a Standby token on the tank is pretty sweet in the right situation, at the right time.

Game 1: Angus’ Rebels

  • Deployment: Advanced Positions
  • Objective: Breakthrough
  • Condition: Clear Conditions

I actually know Angus through Titanicus so we got to chatting before the rounds got started then got paired into each other! And just like last time my first game was against Rebels. Very different looking rebels running double airspeeders with Din Djarin:

795/800 (10 activations)
- Rebel Officer (45): Improvised Orders (5) = 50
- R2-D2 = 55
- Din Djarin (105): Seize the Initiative (5), Comms Jammer (5), Din's Flame Projector (8), The Mando's Jetpack (15), Din's Amban Rifle (10) = 148
- Fleet Troopers = 40
- 2× Rebel Troopers (40): DLT-20A Trooper (26) = 132
Special Forces:
- 2× Commando Strike Team (20): DH-447 Sniper (28), Recon Intel (2) = 100
- 2× Airspeeder (130): Power Harpoon (0), Comms Jammer (5) = 270

Commands: • This is the Way, • Blast Off!, •• Turning the Tide, •• I Like Those Odds, ••• Assault, ••• Whistling Birds, •••• Standing Orders

This is where I started to really appreciate minimum sized units of Magnaguard: they got into melee with Din Djarin turn 2 and held him there plinking off the odd wound just about until the end of the game in turn 6. Effectively removing Din from the game and unable to deal with any other threats.

Other key/fun moments included:

  • Dooku reflecting an airspeeder shot, removing the last wound off it and killing it after B1 droids rolled an insane number of crits for a few activations
  • My AAT immediately after that happening shooting at and killing the other airspeeder

The game really came right down to the end with a win for the Separatists – meaning I could now just really relax, having already done better than the last event.

Game 2: Elliot’s Imperials

  • Deployment: Battle Lines
  • Objective: Payload
  • Condition: Hostile Environment

Having made the mistake of winning a game, this was a rougher time. I know these pictures aren’t the best, but that’s 3 units of Empire Dark Troopers hiding, very cowardly, behind that parked fighter. There were a lot of Empire players and a good chunk of them had Dark Troopers so this was bound to happen but I wasn’t expecting three units of them. Off screen on the left behind the big round terrain pieces were my second unit of Magnaguard which were, again, absolute champs.

Filthy Empire
799/800 (7 activations)
- Moff Gideon (100): Aggressive Tactics (15), Tenacity (6), The Darksaber (15) = 136
- Snowtroopers (44): Impact Grenades (3) = 47
- Shoretroopers = 52
- DF-90 Mortar Trooper = 40
- Imperial Dark Troopers (95): XS-IV Assault Cannon (48), Programmed Loyalty (5) = 148
- 2× Imperial Dark Troopers (95): XS-IV Assault Cannon (48), SM-9 Frag Launcher (40), Programmed Loyalty (5) = 376

Commands: • Ambush, • Die at My Hand, •• You Have Something I Want, •• Pinned Down, ••• Moment of Consideration, ••• Assault, •••• Standing Orders

I started the game by making the terrible mistake of moving B1’s out of cover and just in range of getting shot by Dark Troopers. After losing that unit in one volley the rest of the B1’s interestingly did not make that mistake again.

Some of the best moments this game:

  • Dooku fore pulling a unit of Dark Troopers into melee range of himself so that the AAT wouldn’t get shot up by them – and then held them there for a few turns before finally dying.
  • A unit of B1’s rolling 4 hits against a unit of 4 Shoretroopers and killing all 4 of them in one go. B1 droids famously just never hit so this was amazing to see.
  • A turn after the B1’s did that, the lone Magnaguard unit off-screen snuck around and killed the Snowtroopers in one round of melee attack, rolling the perfect number of hits and the Snowtroopers failing every save.

In the end however I was only able to fully kill one unit of Darktroopers and half-kill a second and lost….everything. Everything of mine died. So this was a loss for the Separatists to their clearly better droid counterparts.

Elliot also handed me an alt art Shadow Collective Maul card, as an apology for having to play against his triple Dark Trooper list. It eased the pain, a bit.

Game 3: Giles’ Rebels

  • Deployment: Major Offensive
  • Objective: Hostage Exchange
  • Condition: Hostile Environment

This was probably the one time that the scenery combined with the mission and the deployment just worked out incredibly in my favour. As you can see above. Magnaguard, once again, just running around doing their thing and removing small straggling units – these guys are really going into every list I write from now on. This was my first time playing Hostage Exchange and now fully understand why people keep saying to put it in my deck with Dooku, it’s a good pick. Very cool to see so many Wookies and Luke definitely worried me a bit as well as the overcharged Laser Cannon rolling so many dice with Impact 3 each turn.

794/800 (9 activations)
- Rebel Officer (45): Improvised Orders (5) = 50
- Luke Skywalker (195): Burst of Speed (10), Force Reflexes (5), Force Push (10), Into the Fray (4) = 224
- 2× Rebel Veterans (48): CM-0/93 Trooper (26), Recon Intel (2) = 152
- 2× Medium Blaster Trooper (38) = 76
Special Forces:
- 2× Wookiee Warriors (69): Bowcaster Wookiee (31), Tenacity (6), Offensive Push (6) = 224
- Laser Cannon Team (65): Overcharged Generator (3) = 68

Commands: • Ambush, • Son of Skywalker, •• My Ally is the Force, •• Full of Surprises, ••• Return of the Jedi, ••• Covering Fire, •••• Standing Orders


Some of the best moments for the Separatists here were:

  • Throwing enough suppression on a unit of Wookies to keep them useless for a turn while very tactically (not cowardly at all) running away with the hostage
  • Dooku slicing up Luke Skywalker in combat (after taking some hefty damage himself)
  • Magnaguard keeping the other wookies busy long enough to make it to safety with both Hostages before dying and the AAT having to clean up after

Roger, Roger

Going in hoping for 1 win, I was very happy to come away with 2 and finishing in 5th place, with only Empire lists placing better. The winning list was an Imperial Remnant army using Moff Gideon, just one unit of Dark Troopers, some kitted out Stormtroopers and of course 74-Z speeder bikes.


Moff Gideon – 105 points
Esteemed Leader

Shoretroopers – 52 points
Stormtroopers – 63 points
FX-9 Medical Droid

Special Forces:
Scout Troopers – 74 points
T-21 Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes
Scout Troopers – 74 points
T-21 Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes
Imperial Death Troopers – 100 points
RT-97C Stormtrooper, Overwatch, E-11D Configuration

74-Z Speeder Bikes – 70 points
74-Z Speeder Bikes – 70 points

Imperial Dark Troopers – 188 points
Programmed Loyalty, SM-9 Frag Launcher, XS-IV Assault Cannon

Command Cards:
(1) Die at My Hand
(1) Covert Observation
(2) You Have Something I Want
(2) Pinned Down
(3) Moment of Consideration
(3) Coordinated Fire
(4) Standing Orders

Battle Deck:
Payload | Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators | Key Positions | Intercept the Transmissions

Hemmed In | The Long March | Roll Out | Advanced Positions

Limited Visibility | Clear Conditions | Fortified Positions | Supply Drop

Some more shots from other games during the day, courtesy the organiser Jon:

All in all a great day out and look forward to the next! Big thanks and well-done to the organisers for the day! Might put the Separatists away for the next one and take out some evil Mandalorians…maybe…I did enjoy the tank and think the list I took has a lot of potential. Maybe if I simply stopped making mistakes I could do better…

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