The 2023 Goonhammer US Open Necromunda Weekender Player Pack

Do you like rolling dice, but don’t want to roll too many dice? Does the idea of combining gang warfare with vehicles and multi-meltas appeal to you? Do you want to get through an entire Necromunda campaign in a weekend? Well then scummers, the Goonhammer US Open Necromunda Weekender is for you!

Click this link to download the primer.

Cheaters who fail to pay the minimum NOC bribery fee will be brought to this guy.

Announcing the NECROLYMPICS!

This year’s theme is going to be the Necrolympics, where the most corrupt organization in the subsector (the Necromunda Olympics Committee, or NOC) takes over Hive Baltimore for several weeks of games, festivities, and sponsored mayhem. Players will take control of gangs representing sponsored participants out to bring Fame and glory to their respective House / Guild / Cult / Ogryn Support Club by participating in a variety of games including Capture the Flag, Rocket League, and the ominous Snipe Hunt. The Arbitrator for this event will be “Primaris” Kevin Genson, who promises that the event will be relaxed and fun. Some notable bits from the Primer…

  • Players are encouraged to do cool things via the Rule of Cool, which provides bonus XP based on attempting (and sometimes succeeding) to do something risky and cool with a fighter.
  • Since the whole point of a weekender is to have fun, fighters will never enter Recovery. A fighter who “dies” will only miss one game.
  • Income is based on the Ratings of the event, and is evenly split between the participants. Ratings are improved by the Fame of each gang, as well cool things that happen in the match.
  • Crew ratings are based on the value of the weakest gang, and if that gang wants to take on more of a challenge they can choose to be Underdogs and gain extra cash.

Wait, Ash Wastes? What if I don’t have any vehicles?

Don’t worry! Any Ash Wastes games will include a stable of vehicles that players can borrow if they don’t have their own!

You can grab tickets to the event by clicking this link.

See you this weekend! Got any questions? Drop us a line at