The 2023 WCW Warhammer 40,000 Group Stage Preview

The first ever World Championships of Warhammer are this week and we couldn’t be more excited. As part of our event coverage, we’re taking a deeper look at the eight groups of players competing in the Warhammer 40k tournament, analyzing each pod, and offering odds for each player to win.

Elo and Math

TheChirurgeon: Throughout this article we’ll be talking about Elo scores – a way of gauging player skill in which scores improve as you win games and beat better players and decrease as you lose. We’ll go into the methodology behind this in the section below. We’d like to thank the folks at Stat Check for the wonderful work they’ve done creating an Elo score for 40k players. You can find the full listing of Elo ratings here.

Odds Methodology - Click to Expand

Primaris Kevin: Before we dive in, let’s talk about the methodology for the odds and probabilities you’re going to see. Rob asked me to perform some mathematical shenanigans on the Elo ratings of the players in each pod, using the relative ratings to calculate the probability of success. Elo is a well established system used for zero-sum games and is particularly popular for chess. In order to get the final odds for a player winning each pod, I ran 10,000 simulations of each pod, using the following rules:

  1. Players were initially sorted randomly and paired up.
  2. Players were then sorted by their win path, and paired up once again.
  3. The final W/L rate was then used to determine the pod winner, with the opponent W/L average serving as the tiebreaker.

The top of each pod was then saved and the win rates were averaged across every iteration. Technically Elo should be updated every time a player plays another one, but for the purpose of this exercise we’ll keep things static. Once we were done we looked at the total number of simulations in which a player emerged as the victor and divided that by 10,000 to produce the result.

The Group Stage Preview

Math (or “maths” if you’re wrong) aside, it’s incredibly challenging to armchair examine these pods with their the diversity in factions and individuals, knowing that they all earned their way to these incredibly challenging games and then find anything of substance or predictive value to say. But as Danny, JonK, and myself are not in attendance we’ve got nothing better to do than try and fail anyway.

Group 1

WCW 40k Group One

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: Lovely mix of Anything non-American here to represent. It’s nice to see a pod with less Aeldari and CSM in it, though the Drukhari players are probably starting to wonder why didn’t they just submit as Ynnari?

James: There are exactly three Tyranid players in this event and all of them are right here in group one championed by Collin Watts (US), Kayu Orellana (DE), and Sveinung Noding (NO). John Lennon fancies himself a hive mind player, but where’s the proof? The only Drukhari and no Chaos Space Marines also make up this pod. Weird.

Jonk: A great mix of factions, the Chad pod, unimpressed by the allure of Aeldari.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: Kit Smith Hanna definitely stands out having 3 names over the conventional two, Innes Wilson (He once introduced himself as Winnes). Sebastian Kipling, Mr Kipling makes exceedingly good cakes. I guess the 2 drukhari players stand out, best of luck in this pod.

James: Well, both Innes and John got player profiles on this website and sit atop the stat check ELO rankings so I guess them. 

Jonk:  Alex Dieppa of Romania, Elo rank 4673.  I am fully here for this person to complete the Rocky story line and take it down.  

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Benjamin Chia definitely. Anyone who flies 20 hours to go to an event run by Games Workshop must have a trick up their sleeve. 

James: I’m going to shout out Matt Lorah here. Many of you may not be familiar but this unassuming Swiftie Anti-Hero who ran his Gold Rush Custodes all the way to a Fearless LVO 2nd place finish two years ago and now is looking to be The Man trying to Mastermind his Necrons and send Lennon a Dear John on his way to The 1. Cardigan.

Jonk: Kasra Houshidar, obviously I have to pick a Western Canadian.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: Innes Wilson, because he has the highest Stat Check Elo rank in this group and I’m told that the math in these things are absolutely certain.

James: John Lennon, because I feel bad nicknaming someone “.38 special” if he loses. 

Jonk: Great warm up pod for John Lennon who will reign supreme here, 5-0.  Elo ranks are clearly inflated over there in the EU.  

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: Innes and Lennon are basically neck-and-neck when it comes to being the odds-on favorite to win the group, though Josh Roberts is close behind. After that there’s a pretty severe fall-off, and one of these players wins in nearly 72% of simulations. This is one of the more lopsided groups, though also one of the more competitive groups in that it could realistically go any one of three ways.

Group 2

WCW 40k Group Two

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: A lot of Aeldari in this pod. How many Night Spinners you ask? All of them.

James: Nassim Fouchane, who headlines this group, won his ticket at Adepticon. What I will be fascinated to watch is whether he is able to replicate his success in an event that actually makes a point of putting terrain on the table. All congratulations to Mate Csaszar for winning Best in Faction: Adeptus Mechanicus, by the way!

TheChirurgeon: It will be interesting to see next year if the format holds whether countries will strategize around taking weaker factions for easy Best-in-Faction awards.

Jonk: The Try-hard pod, These people did not get the memo that Pod 1 released:  Leave Aeldari at home you fools! 

Who are the stand out players?

Danny: Nas? Never heard of her. Jokull is a very strong play representing Team Iceland, also one of the players from #AnyonebutIgnite, definitely one to watch out for. Rares Platon won the Romanian GT here to represent Romania. 

James: As a noted shill for big Goonhammer I am obligated to highlight the player profiles on both Nassim and Jack as well as some complete unknown new-comer Richard Siegler who I am told likes to be referred to as “the good doctor” in casual conversation. 

Jonk: This is the pod for Nassim to show the world how much better he is than everyone in the US (again).  Obviously any event Jack shows up to he needs to be looked at as a favorite, however this is the EU pod for me so like Danny mentioned, Jokull is another one to watch.   

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Colin McDade, because no one else will pick him.

James: Tucked away in this group, not running a true “Imperium” detachment is Kyle McCord who carries the remarkable ability to ensure his opponent completely fucks up their reserves. If his power is over 8000 or he achieves his final form he may just pull this improbable run off.

Jonk: I see Danny chose violence, or he’s high on Potatoes again.  Dark horse (and it seems insane to say this) is Seigler, him being that low on the elo rank is a perfect storm for dark horse status.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: Hard to say. I want to go with Bruno Choquette as he’s the one CSM player. On the other hand with Nas in this bracket, Siegler and Harpster may have extra motivation to prove that the US meta is not soft.

James: This is a tough goddamn bracket, but Jack “King Shit of Fuck Mountain” Harpster didn’t earn that name for no reason. Go get ‘em champ.

Jonk: It is not even a question:  Nassim advances, which will later lead to him once again proclaiming that the US Meta is Soft!

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: This is an interesting group. Nassim is indeed the clear favorite, with 4 to 1 odds to take the group outright, though the remaining odds are more distributed. That said, there’s a sneaky sleeper pick in here – Richard Siegler, sitting all the way down there at a 1632 Elo rating. That’s currently lower than my rating (1830, by the way), and that’s got more to do with the fact that Siegler hasn’t played in many ITC events this year, and when he has they’ve been team events. If we bump Siegler’s rating up to something more like what we suspect it is – say, 2,000 (though this is likely on the high side – 1900 or 1950 may be more accurate), then his odds jump to 19% while Nassim’s, Harpster’s, and Crawley’s drop to 21%, 14%, and 11%, respectively. That’s likely more in line with the real pod outcomes, though it still leaves Crawley, McDade, and a host of other competitors with a tangible shot at winning the group – Group 2 is a difficult one, and much more of a toss-up than some of the others.

Either this or Group 4 is the Group of Death for the event.


Group 3

WCW 40k Group Three

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: A very strong mix of EU players.

James: Man that’s a lot of Aeldari, huh? I wonder how many Wraithguard there are? All of them? I’d like to tell you that a non-Aeldari is going to advance here but unfortunately they’ve all been hit by Doomweavers.

Jonk: The Macdougall bracket, great mix of non-American players here, pretty exciting bracket 

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: Ben Jurek, as it sounds like a soup we have here in Poland. Delicious & a lovely guy too. Alex Spathopoulos from the US, Strong, traditional American name. Dino Kho is an excellent player here to represent Team Netherlands, his taste in clogs are best-in-class so watch out for those. Guillaume Dusaussois of Team Belgium is a fantastic Aeldari player and I’m not at all salty about the London Grand Tournament. Malte Hofs is someone to watch out for as he brings his CSM from Germany.

James: Well Danny named half the bracket so I’ll once again toe the corporate line and let you know that a player profile exists on Ben Jurek.

Jonk: Alex Macdougall, Ben and Alejandro. 

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Pichitchai Wattanachai coming all the way from Thailand with their CSM. Thailand is a very unknown meta in the west so maybe they will bring a refreshing approach to the game that might throw off this pod. I respect the journey and I wish them all the best.

James: I once spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon in a nondescript Irish bar in Sao Paulo, watching the Packers play as well as the rest of the day’s games and bullshitting with my fellow wanderers. Spend long enough over a beer and inevitably the question of how we all got there and where we came from comes up, and so the man sitting next to me explained that he was from Austria, and just to make sure that the dumb American could understand, he quickly clarified, “The one with Hitler, not Kangaroos.” 

I have no choice but to support Antonin Man of Austria, the one with Hitler and not Kangaroos, on his path to glory.

Jonk: Xavier Barrera, does anyone really know how good the Mexican meta is?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out its real good.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: I will go with Malte Hofs and his CSM. It’s a top meta pick right now and he understands how to pilot his list. 

James: Aeldari has been really struggling since the launch of 10th edition but I nevertheless believe in them. Despite the headliner playing Aeldari, I have recently learned that Ben Jurek grew up in Minnesota. As such I can only assume he is a Vikings fan who as of two weeks ago determined that Kirk Cousins is a pretty good quarterback, actually. As a result I cannot in good conscience support this man and instead turn to a fellow cheese-eater Cameron Pineiro. Go get ‘em Cameron.

Jonk: Alex should be able to run through this pod and proclaim US and EU Meta soft – he does nothing but show up in big events and go deep.  

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: Ben Jurek is the clear favorite to take this one, emerging in 30.5% of our simulations. That’s some of the strongest odds we’ll see for a competitor in these groups, meaning that any other outcome is essentially Ben choking. After Ben, Alex Spathopoulos has the next best odds at 7.4 to 1.


Group 4

WCW 40k Group Four

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: Quite a stacked pod. A nice mix between close combat armies and the odd ranged ones. 

James: Someone once told me that if you have nothing nice to say then you shouldn’t say anything at all. When I look at that top name I find myself with nothing to say.

Jonk: This seems like one of the harder pods in the event and my teammate just had to get dropped into it.  Really diverse lists here, will be an exciting pod to watch as I think it might have the most turbulence.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: Anthony Vanilla out here to prove once again that Violence is the answer. Nice to see more Icelandics coming over with Aegir bringing his CSM. Benjamin Pau is a very strong player from France and excited to see how he overcomes the sheer pressure of CSM and WE with his Orks. Jaime Paris from Spain is definitely one to watch out for as a well known Wolves enthusiast. I’m excited to see another person making the long journey from the Republic of Korea this time.

James: Anthony Vanella is coming in fresh after kicking some teeth in with his World Eaters in So Cal and even fresher off getting his own teeth shattered by his dentist. It’s only fitting that his World Eaters chemically enhanced rage be offset by Anthony’s own vicodin enhanced stupor. Life is about achieving balance, and Anthony may best find his horizontally.

Jonk:  Anthony and Jaime.  It is pretty self explanatory.   

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Mike Pestilens – a CSM savant has opted to go with World Eaters. Maybe a lesser known name than others, Mike definitely has the list and the skills to do well here.

James: Fun fact about Mike is that he’s very bad at poker but loves to throw cash at the game anyway, a real fish this guy. You should definitely set up an after-hours game and invite him in, you’ll love it. Anyway, I’ll probably go with Logan since he beat me to get to the event and now I’m honor-bound to root him on.

Jonk:  Logan Antonation – Aka the best tau player in the pod.  He got a nifty belt for winning GHO and plays against some very good players every night online.  No one knows who he is, but they will after this event.  Also Mike, Mike is a super good player like Danny stated.      

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: The obvious picks here are Mani Cheema or Anthony Vanella. However with all these armies my gut feeling says Tau look really favorable. I will pick Logan Antonation, also just so JonK cant.

James: In my head canon Anthony has dry-socket-swollen cheeks looking like he just got back from a fight, barely conscious from painkillers, and still rolling to Khorne-cob anyone he comes up against. And I like that vision of the world and so it shall be.

Jonk: It would take some kind of miracle to unseat Anthony in my mind, that miracle might have come however as I look at the comp-crew chat and see Anthony describe the emergency surgery he just had as I write this.  He was a fighter, I’m sure this won’t phase him much but maybe this is the weakness that the others can exploit.  The time is now,  Jaime and Logan!  

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: Cheema has the best odds of anyone at the event to win his group as the current top ELO holder, but Vanella and Gaylard both have very strong odds on their side as well. My dark horse pick here is Andrew Gonyo (3.8% odds), returning with T’au this year after finishing second in the Best Overall bracket at last year’s Finale. He’s another very strong player who is likely underrated when it comes to Elo.


Group 5

WCW 40k Group Five

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: Another pod comprised a fair amount of close combat armies. I think we’re starting to see a pattern form here of where the meta may be settling at, at least on GW tables.

James: Tim Deetlefs once rolled so poorly against me in a matchup that heavily favored his golden boys over my Aeldari that I just assume he has taken up the Farseer mantle in an attempt to excise the memory of that loss from his mind. I am honored. That said, there are very few Aeldari in this pod.

Jonk: A Canadian at the top of a pod ranking?  Is this thing high?  Either way I am here for it.  I really have no idea what is happening or will happen with this pod.  Looks wild.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: Another Dutch team stalwart with Dick Van Der Harst, bringing his Chaos knights and in a pod full of CSM and Marines, this will be an interesting pod for him. Florian Schmidt from Team Germany bringing his Space wolves is definitely one to watch out for. We have Tran Ngoc Thanh Danh Danh making his way from Vietnam with his leagues of votann. Robin Philppot from France with their Adepta Sororitas – an army that many undervalue or misunderstand I feel, this could be one of the players who could provide a spanner in the works for a lot of the combat armies. Another two international players in this pod with Stefan Pazderka from Team Austria and Michael Hooper from Team Iceland. 

Jonk: There is no way a person with a name as cool as Tran Ngoc Thanh Danh Danh is not the favorite in this pod, I will not accept it.  Let’s see how good that Vietnamese meta is.  It really is cool as hell to see people from nearly every corner of the world showing up to this, so many unknowns, so many players getting world class experience they otherwise would never have the chance to get.  When people go and get this experience and bring it home it has the potential to drastically improve the entire region they come from.   

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Death Guard are a really solid army choice at the moment, especially in a meta full of CSM, World eaters, or CC in general but also infantry reliant lists. I think they have a really solid chance at going the distance here so I’m backing Nachai Limsettho from Thailand.

James: Fresh off his recent championship run at the US Open Tampa, the talk of Redditt, Jeffrey Kolodner is worth highlighting as a surprise waiting to happen with his Adeptus Sororitas.

Jonk: I have to take Nicholas Blackburn here, I have never heard of him before and he is from canada playing 1k sons.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: I’m going to go with Wallace O’Donnell – another chaos savant. There’s a fair bit of lists relying on CC in this pod, if he can dodge any triple nightspinner lists he should be in a really solid spot.

James: I’ve not had the pleasure, but I’ve only heard good things and I understand his game to be very tight. So I’m going to go with the man so humble he needs three names – Sascha Alexander Edelkraut.

Jonk:  There are so many people that could win this pod, I really could not tell you with any sort of certainty who will be at the top after 5. I will go with the German playing CSM I guess.  Danny won’t shut up about how good they are, I might as well listen. 

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: This is probably the most wide-open group in the entire tournament, with 5.8 to 1 odds being the top end of the spectrum and a wide middle ground of players with 12 to 1 odds or better who can emerge. In many ways that makes this the weakest group, but in a more interesting sense you could refer to it as the chaos group.


Group 6

WCW 40k Group Six

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: A mixed bag this one. A lot of lesser known players which also means a lot more potentially interesting games.

James: This is a pod where you better be prepared for combat because Group Six is screaming in hot. A lot of Chaos Space Marines, Black Templars, Custodes, and more. This is going to be a gritty pod.

Jonk:  Nick…plays this game?  Anyways, the pod looks mostly open outside of the top spot which I think TJ will hold onto.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: I’m doing my best to cover anything EU but the obvious ones are Nick Nanavati and TJ. We do have Boris Michev from Ignite who is a very strong CSM player. Matt Bonnet from France is definitely one to watch out for who has been doing very well with Aeldari all through 9th as well. Thomas Beckers from Romania although he’s actually from the Netherlands and has been a coach on their WTC team. 

Jonk:  TJ is the class of this field, I think it is his pod to lose despite the other very good players here.  Angel from Andorra stands out to me as I have to google where Andorra is, the country looks cool as hell and their Elo ranking is high so there has to be something to this person.  They are also cultured and bring a combat army.  

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: I’m going to go with Matt Bonnet. 

James: I’m a man of principle and therefore Kevin Zollinger of Austria earns my respect for the aforementioned reason.

Jonk: Filip Zingmark.  The sole Tau player in the pod that is filled with combat armies and guard.  Guard is something that can be a bit rough for Tau at times however if they get the right pairings he could do some serious work here

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: TJ – GSC have a really good chance of leading this group due to being able to counter CSM, Aeldari and World eaters. Keen to see how he fares vs the Space Marine list and the 3 Astras.

James: We’re breaking our rules here but yeah, I think TJ takes it.

Jonk: I said it at the beginning TJ is the class of this field, I can see TJ doing more than just winning this pod, I think he has a pretty decent shot at winning the entire thing.  The guy has been grinding, doing nothing but stacking trophies and belts and playing tons of online games vs other very good people.  I have had the pleasure of playing vs him, 10/10 would do it again. 

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: This may be the most top-heavy of the groups, with Nick Nanavati and TJ Lanigan combining for a 42.7% share of simulated wins with no clear third place candidate. Yeah, you could make the case for group 4 with Vanella and Cheema instead, but that group also has Gaylard, a phenomenal player who is likely to ruin one the days of one or both of those guys. I lit a fire under Nanavati’s ass earlier in the year picking him to lose in the Streamhouse event and I’d do it again – if I believed in Genestealer Cults competitively. TJ’s a better player but Nick’s on a better meta pick.


Group 7

WCW 40k Group Seven

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: This feels like our biggest mix of armies and I’m excited to see who actually comes on top here. We have a lot of very skilled players in this pod.

James: Yeah this is probably my favorite pod from a diversity of play standpoint. It looks like a really fun one, stressful to plan for though. I’m also going to take a moment to highlight something else that stands out to me. “The Red Terror”. I assume this is a grown man but it could also be me in middle school thinking I nailed it and everyone can tell how cool I am.

Jonk:  There are a ton of names that might not be familiar to the average reader but to anyone who cares about WTC or team events in general, there are some sharks in here.  Exciting pod with a pretty dynamic set of lists.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: Arne Zerndt representing team Germany bringing his Aeldari. He’s had a very successful run in 10th, especially in a team setting so keen to see how he gets on. Brian Seipp opting to bring Thousand Sons instead of his favoured Aeldari. One of Team Spains finest players with Terroxer also arguably one of the best thousand sons players in the world on his favoured army. Olivier Weiss, the captain of Team France is bringing an interesting Black Templars list. Olivier is a Space Marine savant and definitely one to watch for those who enjoy marines. We have Bart Westeels from Team Belgium with CSM, Francesco from Italy who is a machine on Necrons is another good one to watch and see how he deals with the numerous counters in this pod. 

Jonk:  Danny did a great job hyping the WTC players but I am sad he left out one of the most knowledgeable ones there:  Jeremy Atkinson aka Curie from team Canada.  

James: Jeremy stands out for being told that ELO is bad and shouldn’t be used in 40k, tossing a finger in the air (politely, he’s Canadian), and doing it anyway. Does it work? Maybe? Who knows. Are we going to start caring about it anyway and doing derivative analysis based on it? Absolutely. Also he was my first Leagues of Votann game and you never forget your first.

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: Mirko Consiglio from Malta. Malta is definitely a country on the rise in 40k and bringing GSC may give him some edge in some matchups. I’m personally keen to see how he gets on

James: For me it’s Oliver Smith. Big fan of Oliver and I’ve been to a lot of events where we’ve circled each other but never played. Cool guy, unheralded, but very good at the dice game.

Jonk: Forrest Phanton: What an absolute badass name and the dude is playing wolves.  This is my kind of person, I have no idea how I do not know this person as he is from my side of the world but I am absolutely embarrassed in myself.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: Olivier Weiss. Sorry Brian, Arne and Terroxer, I have to go with Olivier on this one, I think he’ll just about take the top spot.

James: I’m gonna take a flyer on Brian Seipp here. Something about running Thousand Sons into this meta screams confidence to me and I’m absolutely here for it.

Jonk: Alex Petford, I at some point need to pick someone playing Aeldari so this looks like the right time.  

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: The top of this group is pretty open, with Zerndt having 5 to 1 odds as the best bet but five other players pretty close behind, making upsets much more likely. This is another gorup with a very large middle and a high likelihood of producing chaos results.


Group 8

WCW 40k Group Eight

What stands out to you about this pod?

Danny: Some solid names, some Aeldari players. What can go wrong?

James: In a sea of tough group rounds this one manages to stand apart. A lot of unfamiliar names in here because if it’s not happening on the US East or West coasts it probably isn’t worth mentioning. But the EU held a meeting in Brussels and they’re sending their finest in group 8. Their finest of course no longer includes the British because they did that whole thing. Remember that? The thing that caused their currency to lose a ton of value for no good reason? Anyway, Mikey Herbert still decided he was EU-strong and opted back in and he’s joined by a bevy of competitors in Fred Otto, Liam VSL, and more that I’m sure Danny will elaborate on.

Jonk: My god, this pod sets a certain tone for the event.  EU said hold my beer we got this one.  

Who are the stand-out players?

Danny: I guess there’s Liam VSL of Team Belgium to mention who’s been coming over to the UK, stealing their trophies… rude. We also have Fred, who has represented Team Germany over the years, bringing his Aeldari and with no Chess Clock to stop him, let’s see what carnage he unleashes. Colin Power from Team Ireland also brings his Aeldari, slightly different lists but both are good to follow. The Aussie mastermind himself Liam Hackett unsurprisingly represents his Necrons, very keen to see how he uses his reanimation tricks in this group. One to look out for is definitely world champion Lukasz Lesiu (leh-shoo) Leszkiewicz as he brings his favoured Dark Angels. 

James: For me it’s the hometown hero, the sparring partner, the man who is always Chef’in up a masterpiece at the table or at the table, Ben Cherwien.

Jonk:  It is hard to be a stand out in a sea of standouts however I gotta go with Liam VSL (also like can we all just use our online handles for BCP from now on I like this trend the EU does.  Let me just enter mine:  Total Clown) Fred and Lukasz.   

Who is a dark horse in this group?

Danny: With absolutely zero bias, I’m going to go with Lesiu on this. Probably a name unknown to a lot of Americans, his solid experience at the biggest events and calm nature will definitely see him perform well.

James: Florian Desbonnets. I admit I know very little about this guy. However, I do know he carries an A+ name, is hailing from France, and I assume that comes with an accent and is therefore mysterious. That’s a deadly combination that will serve him well in the Atlanta nightlife. No idea if it’ll help him at the table but who cares at that point?

Jonk:  I am with Danny on this one.  The question being asked in this pod is simple:  Is the number 5-7 player for the World Champion Polish team better than everyone else in the World?  Good thing we only have to wait 2 days to get an answer.  

Pick a group stage winner

Danny: Liam taking Death Guard is definitely a solid meta choice as he leans into countering the rising popularity of CC armies across the board, whilst being able to play into the traditional Aeldari of 10 WG, 2-3 Nightspinners and mass infantry for actions. Sorry Lesiu I have to go with Liam as he has better match ups.

James: It’s times like this where it’d be ethical to recuse myself due to a conflict of interest. But as the Republicans continue to demonstrate every day at every level, ethics and moral standards are for idiots and losers. It’s Ben Crusadewien folks.

Jonk:  Has Liam even lost a game in recorded history?  I do not know this answer which means he must be galaxy brain good at this game.  I am taking Liam Vsl. 

Handicapping This Group

TheChirurgeon: Ben Cherwien stands out atop this group but Steve Trimble, Quinton Johnson and Liam Vsl all have very strong odds in what is a bit of a top-heavy pod. A dark horse here is Yothin Suwanpredee, coming in unranked with Orks and likely to be unpredictable.


The Group Stage kicks off tomorrow and continues on Friday. This weekend promises to be one the most exciting weekends ever in Warhammer and we can’t wait to see how this plays out!

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