TheArmorOfContempt’s Road To Adepticon – To Come So Far…Only To Fail

Adepticon 2023 has drawn to a close and I had another fantastic weekend. Unlike previous Adepticons, I felt like I got the perfect amount of gaming in, leaving with a strong sense of accomplishment as opposed to a ravenous desire to stay another five days. Unlike last year I will not be making separate articles to cover each of my events, and I will assume that anyone reading this is at least familiar with the event, or has read previous review articles.

Wednesday – Arrival and Ash Line Fever

I am, if nothing else, a creature of habit, and the beginning of this year’s Adepticon was similar to the last. I packed the day prior and left shortly after 8:00 A.M. Wednesday morning hoping to arrive around Noon and assist with hall setup. This year I was rejoined by Christian along with Adepticon regular, Devin, and newcomers Brett and Braden, all part of my local gaming club.

After we arrived all of us checked in at the volunteer desk, and set about to helping where ever we were needed. As I walked into the Adventure Hall I happened to find the T.O. for Kill Team, Ben, working his poor fingers to the bone trying to setup 32 Into The Dark Boards for the weekend’s events, and proceeded to spend the next 4 hours putting as many of them together as I could. After frustratingly putting together about a dozen of them I wished Ben good luck with the remainder of his preparation and returned with Devin to my car to take our stuff up to our room and get some food.

Having satisfied the needs of my weak flesh body I made my way down to the second floor of the convention center, excited to meet Joe for the first time in a year. On my way I caught sight of the massive line beginning to form for registration. Having been fortunate enough to snag a VIG Bag I decided I would just wait a couple hours before I decided to brave the line. Arriving at the Utopia Foyer I found Joe had been exiled ALL the way back to the end of the hall, and NONE of the other people who signed up decided to show up for the event. This left us in a bit of a pickle, but thanks to a quick phone call and the reliable Springfield crew we quickly found ourselves back in business.

Author’s Note: Braden and Christian

Now despite being a Necromunda regular I have almost no experience with the Ash Waste vehicle rules, and if you read my last update you know that was half the reason I decided to not do Necromunda for the weekend. I had a lot of fun running Joe’s narrative event last year, and this one was no exception, with Joe letting me use my Van Saar gang in place of the models he had prepared. Our mission was simple, escort the Ridgehauler through the Refinary complex he had built to the other side of the map where it would be presumably ambushed. I won’t go into every little detail, but it ended up being Brett and I vs Christian (my Necromunda finals foe from 2022) and Braden as we drove the Ridgehauler directly into the center of the map, hoping this would take our opponents off guard. Aside from the Ridgehauler losing half its hull points due to running into a barricade at full speed it quickly became apparent that vehicles are very hard to damage without dedicated weapons such as a Multimelta.

At the end of the day house Van Saar was able to break through the well laid “plans” of their House Cawdor foes, although there were a fair number of hilarious interactions along the way, including Christian attempting to pull some high speed maneuvers that saw his two vehicles run into one another due to loss of control tests. All in all there isn’t a ton going on Wednesday Evening and a nice beer and pretzels match with Joe was the perfect way to start the convention.

Author’s Note: Joe the Event Organizer.

After the event ended we wished Joe good luck and fun for the remainder of his weekend, and made our way to the sign-in line which had shrunk considerably, and thanks a VIG pass I was quickly able to cut past what remained and return to my room with an absolutely outrageous level of loot. The last thing I did for the evening was make my way down to the bar area where I met up with Adepticon regulars Craig and Patrick, both of which have featured in previous event reviews and are just really good guys. I also ran into fellow Goon author Kevin who may recognize from the Necromunday and Kill Team articles. After a bit of socializing I decided to return to my room and get some rest for the next day.

Thursday: Kill Team Pods

Thursday saw my first competitive event of the weekend, a 4-Round Kill Team Pod Tournament. If you’re reading this for a sweet tournament play by play I will go a head and prepare you for disappointment as I will not be going into the nuanced details of every Turning Point. For you Wyrmblade fans I will be giving some general thoughts and advice, but I don’t want this article to take me over 10,000 words.

In the lead up to Adepticon I had taken a lot of time going over my Tac Ops selection depending on the deployment map, and I am happy to report that I had several games where I decided to take Infiltration over Seek and Destroy. I have said in the past that I view Wyrmblade more as assassins than infiltrators, and this remains true, but certain team match-ups along with the correct map layout means they find themselves in very strong positions to exploit certain Infiltration Tac Ops.

It is important to note that this event was setup as a combination of two Into the Dark and two Open boards with each pod rotating to a different board setup after each match. My first opponent was Scott who was rather new to the game and had brought Kasrkin. I did my best to ensure Scott had an enjoyable game, while avoiding blindsiding him with all the various tricks that Wyrmblade bring. Scott was a nice opponent, but unfortunately his inexperience meant a rather quick victory for me resulting in a 20-7 result. Scott, if you are reading this I hope this event made you more interested in playing the game, and didn’t crush your spirit.

Author’s Note: Francesc had a FANTASTICLY painted Intercession Team.

Next, I found myself up against Intercession piloted by Francesc on an Into the Dark board. For this I decided to take Seek and Destroy. Francesc claimed to be rather new to the board setup despite being an experienced player, and his tactics reflected his confidence as he took a very defensive approach to the game. I made the mistake of taking the Sanctus Sniper thinking its Mortal Wounds output would give me an edge. We both played a very close game where-in I was able to overwhelm him on one flank, while he did the same to me on the opposing, however his tendency to hold back ended up making it very difficult for me to score my Tac Ops resulting in a Round 2 defeat 14-13. Needless to say I was not happy, but was resolved to learn my lesson and improve. My key take away was the Sanctus Sniper is to static to be taken over the Locus (except in very specific match ups), AND that Headhunter is to unreliable even when you think your opponent will be aggressive with their Leader.

Following this I found myself up against YET ANOTHER Intercession Squad, this time run by Rodrigo. Rodrigo was another polite and rather new opponent. We found ourselves fighting on an open board, and I ended up running Seek and Destroy again, but this time ensured I did not take Headhunter and took the Locus. It is worth pointing out that Rob and Ransack was something I always took whenever I went with Seek and Destroy with Eliminate Guards being the most common second choice. Rodrigo for his part played nearly as well as Francesc killing almost my entire team, however I was able to edge him out by a point at the end thanks to my Kelermorph killing his leader. I think at this point it is probably worth pointing out that Intercession is one of the more difficult match ups for Wyrmblade simply because their weapons are so effective at killing our operatives. Of any match up this one feels the most like being at the mercy of your opponent’s defense dice. Ultimately, this game felt very similar to the previous game but with things going slightly my direction, and allowing me to pull a close 13-12 victory.

Feeling a little vindicated by my choices, but still wiping the sweat from my brow due to how close things ended up once again, I moved into my final round against Alex’s Hunter Clade. Alex like all my opponents was fun to play with, and it is worth mentioning that at no point at Adepticon did I have a bad opponent. In fact, at times I felt like I might be the bad opponent simply because a couple of my opponents over the weekend clearly weren’t enjoying the game. One of the rough things about Kill Team is that you can never pull your punches due to how quickly a game can turn against you. Alex for his part had a decent understanding of my team, at least on paper, and I advised him to bring more Infiltrators and Vid-Link Feeds to cut down on my re-rolls and make strong use of the Guard Action. Alex partially followed my advice but still took a majority Ruststalkers, which did reap a nasty toll on my guys, catching me in at least one multi-charge. However, my re-rolls on a Close Quarters board allowed my shotguns and Blast weapons to give back even worse than I got, allowing me to pull ahead rather thoroughly by the end of the game after eliminating all of his Sicarans. A particularly pivotal moment came in Turning Point 3 when the Kelermorph charged a wounded Sicaran, killing it, and then shooting another to death. This was another match in which I took Seek and Destroy, only dropping a few points at the end with an 18-13 Victory.

This event basically felt like a warm-up. I made mistakes in each game, and felt confident going out of it. A special shout out should go to both Joe Hamell, who won my pod with Gellerpox, and Rob Porrier who won his own pod, two guys who I have played multiple times at both previous Adepticons and other events.

By the time the event ended I had worked up a pretty big appetite. I tend not to eat much during events, and thus am often ready to gorge myself by the time evening rolls around. This year I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Kuma’s is a metal themed bar/restaurant that most veterans of the Con are familiar with. While its food is great the place is generally packed and the volume of the music can be rather obnoxious, but I hadn’t gone in years and the Con special looked particularly tasty. We waited an egregious amount of time to get in, but after we received our food I can report that it was well worth the wait.

Friday: Kill Team Doubles and 40K Trivia

Now we are talking about an event I was legitimately excited to do. Braden was set to be my teammate with each table being a combination of an Open and Close Quarters board. Players would have to deploy their entire team to their select board, but would be allowed to cross over or shoot into the adjoining board. This provided an extra element of strategy where players needed to decide how they would aid their teammate. This event was also decidedly more laid back as with so many teams there would likely be multiple 3-0 groups. In all our matches Braden took Recon, while I alternated between Infiltration and Seek and Destroy. We determined from the onset that he would play on every Open board in order to maximize his Rogue ability, while I would play on Close Quarters. In every match my general strategy was to weight my Agents and short range operatives towards the side of the board furthest from my teammate, while my Gunners were setup on the shared board edge to more effectively lend support and vice versa.

Up first was a match against Aidan’s Heirotek Circle and Elijah’s Legionnaires, appropriately named, The Iron Kingdoms. These guys were very friendly and fun to play with. Braden found himself on the wrong end of the Balefire Acolyte right out the gate losing 1 operative and getting 4 more injured on the very first opponent activation. Fortunately my Mining Laser was in a good position to respond, and dispatched the Acolyte in return. Oddly, this match ended up being our closest one of the day with Braden’s Kroot bouncing off his Necron opponent and being slowly ground under him. For my part I was able to eliminate the enemy Chaos Marines on our shared board edge by the end of TP2 and take control of a majority of the objectives to make up for my flagging ally. This also allowed me to score Implant and Gather Surveillance rather easily, while I struggled to find targets for Mark for Assassination. By the end of Turning Point 4 both Braden and my Legionnaires opponent had nearly been tabled, but thanks to us securing the shared board edge early my operatives were able to intervene on the Open table and help ensure we kept a minor point lead. 36-33 Victory

Our next match was against the Szabryne Survivors, David and Kyle, playing Death Guard and Legionnaires. These two were fellow veterans of the Grand Narrative, and both new to Kill Team, with the Death Guard player being on his fourth or fifth game. Of our three matches this one definitely felt the worst, not because our opponents were rude or anything, but because I felt they weren’t having a good time. Kyle in particular fell on the wrong end of my Locus early on, who managed to kill his Butcher and injure his Champion. To his credit he stayed positive and played very aggressively because “That’s what the Dark Gods would want!”, but by the end of Turning Point 3 he may of had a single operative left as I effected a strangle hold on our board. Over in Braden’s territory a different story was occurring as David slowly pushed forward seemingly making a staggering number of successful Disgusting Resilience rolls. As in the previous game I was able to divert some Gunners to aid him bring down the Death Guard Leader and Flail of Corruption wielder. In this game scoring landed much more thoroughly in our favor as I managed to max out my Infiltration Tac Ops of Install Device, Implant, and Gather Surveillance, while Braden managed 4 of 6 despite losing most of his team. 35-21 Victory.

Our third and final match found us up against Matt and Cole’s cutely named Robotic Exchange Program running Pathfinders and Hunter Clade, additionally we even got to play on the Twitch Stream, something I hadn’t gotten to do since Adepticon 2018! This match was easily the best of the three as our opponents were not only SUPER FRIENDLY, but also knew their teams very well. Braden and I took our usual spots, and I opted to go for Seek and Destroy as the board and objective setup was not favorable for Infiltration. Matt opted to pair up against me, but decided to not take a single Infiltrator (mostly owing to not owning the models, although I offered to let him play the Ruststalkers as Infilrators). This was the second time I’d seen this during the weekend, which seemed odd since Neuro-static Interference is perhaps one of the worst abilities in the game for my team.

By this point I think things had finally clicked with me on how to properly run this particular Close Quarters map, putting a majority of my operatives on the flanks, leaving only the Kelermorph and two other operatives guard the center. My opponent made a key deployment error only putting a single Gunner on the flank he shared with his opponent, perhaps assuming his opponent’s pulse weapons would provide the covering fire he needed. Of all the matches this one saw perhaps the least amount of cross board support in terms of Braden or I attacking one another’s opponents, while them leaving their shared side light was perhaps the biggest strategic mistake of the game.

By the end of Turning Point 2 things had turned pretty thoroughly in my favor with my Locus and shotgun Neophytes pinning my opponent into his non-shared flank, while the single operative guarding his shared flank was killed by my Gunners. By the end of Turning Point 3 I had thoroughly bottled up the remainder of his team in the Center, while Braden playing a fantastic game had managed to put Cole on the back foot by wiping out most of the Pathfinders on our shared edge, and securing us a small yet secure lead. Victory 32-28.

At the end of the day we were one of three undefeated teams, however our Battle Points were just shy of giving us the top General spot, while best Overall went to a team with a better theme and display. Braden and I had originally planned on wearing denim outfits to match the Jean Machine name we had taken, but due to the pressure of family life I was unable to acquire anything appropriate, a decision I regretted seeing the final result. That being said, I was awarded Best Painted Individual Kill Team, which was still awesome as I had some serious competition this time around.

Author’s Note: None of those teams are mine.

Feeling pretty pumped having won an award, and Braden going 3-0 at his first Adepticon Event we joined the rest of the Springfield team at the hotel restaurant for a quick dinner before the most important event of the weekend, 40K Trivia! This year was a bit of a reunion as Dan, Campbell, and Patrick from our 2019 victory were finally able to return to defend their title. In addition, we had Rick and Loremaster Craig from 2022 the victory who you can see in pictures from the previous Adepticon review. This event has become a point of pride for us, having won 2 of the 3 events run so far. We came out strong placing 3rd at the halfway point, and then moving up to 2nd only a couple points behind the top team with a Final Jeopardy style question. In perhaps our most bone-headed move of the night we decided to wager points on this question despite previous experience having shown us that the final 40K question is nigh-fucking impossible. Our wager ended up tying us for FIRST with another team, at which point we both teams had to send one person up to answer the tie breaker question. We elected to send Craig, our best and brightest, where-in he was asked “How many names does Constantine Valdor have?”. The team that was the closest would win, and…unfortunately that was not us as both teams were incorrect in what amounted to a guess, our answer being further off than our opponent’s.

Saturday: Kill Team Grand Tournament, Day 1

The big day finally arrives, 4 rounds on Open boards to determine our brackets for a final 3 rounds on Close Quarters over two days. I felt confident going into this since the previous two days of games had really familiarized me with the layouts.

My first game was against Erik who brought Hand of Archon with Loot as the mission. For my part I took Gather Surveillance, Mark For Assassination, Implant. Brett plays this team rather regularly so I felt I had a good grasp on  their abilities, but was still surprised to find out the Disciple’s Torment Grenade doesn’t need visibility to be placed as Erik immediately pushed this operative forward and landing the Torment Grenade amongst 4 operatives hiding behind a wall. He managed to poison 3 neophytes, but fortunately missed the Kelermorph. I responded by activating Meticulous Plan and marking his exposed operative for assassination, using Hiding to score a 4th Loot Point and Gather Surveillance, and finally charging the Kelermorph into the Disciple (who I had wounded with a Neophyte) to score Implant and then finished off. The result was me scoring 4 points on Loot and 1 point on each Tac Op at the end of Turning Point 1. This put Erik on the back foot immediately, as I had also set my operatives up in several key locations that would force him into a hard choice even if he won initiative. Unfortunately for Erik things did not improve as not only did he lose initiative, but his dice utterly turned on  him. My Locus proceeded to Charge and Fight one of his operatives, parrying out his successful hits, implanting him, and then finishing the job, and used Expert Swordsman to pile into the Flayer, implanting him as well with neither operative being killed. From here everything Erik tried to do seemed to just fall flat as his guys struggled to kill targets in the open, even his Flayer died upon activating against the Locus. 20-7 Victory

My second game was against Gabe’s Legionnaires who were mostly…all? Mark of Nurgle. Upon losing the roll for attacker and defender Gabe chose to be attacker, and I promptly asked to switch sides as I had figured out that one of the sides offered a slightly more defensible arrangement for me. I ended up choosing Seek and Destroy, and Gabe made some poor choices on his orders at the beginning allowing me to set up a Krak Grenade shot on his plasmagun turning point 1, while leaving none of my own operatives open to counter attack. Using Hiding to have operatives enter onto centerline objectives at the end of the first Turning Point forced Gabe to send his operatives out to face me where the Butcher met its end to the Locus, and the Balefire Acolyte died to the Kelermorph. Both of these operatives would die in time, but basically he ended up making costly trades with me, and the outcome was pretty clear by the end of Turning Point 2. 19-7 Victory

Game 3 is when things started to heat up as I went up against Chuck’s Intercession on a corner deployment Capture mission. I opted to take Seek and Destroy again going with Eliminate Guards, Rob and Ransack, and Mark for Assassination.  I knew I was in trouble going into this one, Intercession were my only defeat up until that point for the weekend, and while I have a good track record against them the games are ALWAYS close. Chuck for his part was very fun to play with, and very good, as we both mostly just danced around the table on TP1 trying to catch one another from a Vantage Point while getting as many objectives as we could. I used Hiding to get around his Overwatch and drop operatives onto the center objectives giving me a single point lead going into TP2. From here on out Chuck would win EVERY single initiative roll in a game that remained close from start to finish, his cheers of excitement winning the TP4 initiative roll contrasting with my quiet frustration. At this point he had 3 operatives remaining, his Leader, Grenadier, a Intercessor, while I had 4, a Locus and 3 Neophytes. Winning the roll off he chose to move his Grenadier, who been declared for Rob and Ransack and my Eliminate Guard target, backwards and out of LOS, preventing me from killing it. However, his eagerness to protect his points distracted him from the game winning move of pushing his Intercessor back onto his home objective and double shooting my Locus, as I had not yet declared Rob and Ransack. Ultimately, I ended up winning 18-15, but this game could of easily went the other way at many different points.

Now I am 3-0 going into the end of the day and I’m starting to get nervous. There are number of people I could find myself up against, all of whom I know to be really good players. I end up sitting across from Leander, a teenager and very experienced player who travels regularly with his family to play Kill Team Events. I ran into him and his family at the Chicago Open in 2022, where I played his father Marc. Leander for his part brought the most winning team of the current Meta, Elucidian Starstriders. Leander is a very good player and knows the game inside and out, he is very methodical and thinks about all his moves. That isn’t to say he isn’t above taking a risk, and our games (yes plural) over the weekend would see him risk losing both games on Turning Point 2 initiative rolls, a roll I seemed to consistently lose all weekend past game 1. Our Turning Point 1 began very similar to my game vs Chuck, even being another corner deployment with Secure as the mission. As I had done with Gabe I switched sides with Leander after losing the Attacker/Defender roll off to provide Gunners what felt like a superior Vantage Point. Leander tried to wait me out with a privateer support asset by I did my best to avoid it using Hiding to once again bring an operative in at the end to take control of a central objective. However, prior to this Leander charged his assassin into a Neophyte I had placed on the central terrain piece, and then chose to pass, hoping to win the roll off for initiative. Going into Turning Point 2 he won the roll off (but had to use his Warrant of Trade) where he fought the engaged Neophyte, and hit another with a Krak Grenade incapacitating them both, but was unable to get the Assassin back into safety. I then opted to kill his dog before he could secure his second point on Recover Item, and from there the trading began. This game was tight up until the very end with the Lectro-Maester being the star of the show for Leander. I had taken Seek and Destroy again finding the map setup not conducive to Infiltration and took Rout, Eliminate Guards, and Rob and Ransack although only managing to find myself getting about half my Tac Ops due to Leanders very defensive playstyle. Conversely this made many of his Recon Tac Ops difficult to score, and with his dog dead he was having a difficult time sparing operatives for Recover Item. In the end I secured a close 14-13 Victory with Leander asking me what he could’ve done differently, I honestly didn’t have a great answer for him as I felt we both performed near flawlessly, BUT it turns out there was answer.

So the day ends and I am absolutely pumped to be in the final bracket, on top of that Leander still managed to get into the final bracket despite going 3-1, so he was in good spirits despite the loss. Despite how close Leander’s game was, the game against Chuck had me more nervous up until the end simply because Chuck did have a winning play. However, the highlight of the day was actually Braden having to be evacuated from the convention and taken to the ER, but don’t worry folks! He turned out to be just fine!

Sunday: Kill Team Tournament, Day 2 – The End and The Death

Coming into the final day I was equal parts nervous and excited. Of the 7 other players in the bracket, two of them (Chuck and Leander) I had beaten the day prior. Other players included Janis and her Legionnaires, Tomas’s Phobos Strike Team, Adrian’s Navy Breachers, and Josh and Nick’s Veteran Guard. As mentioned these final three rounds were set for Into the Dark, meaning I wanted to avoid Adrian’s Breachers the most followed by Chuck.

Fortunately for me I found myself up against Josh who unfortunately for him was riding on almost zero sleep due to an emergency of his own he had to tend to the night prior. Poor Josh was riding on empty and it was apparent from the moment he sat down. This game really isn’t worth going over, because it really isn’t fair to Josh. We got to the end of Turning Point 2 and Josh had lost half his team vs two of my guys, and he decided to bow out and call it a day. I hope to see you again Josh, under better circumstances.

This gave me plenty of time to observe the remaining players and grab some food, and after an hour I found myself sitting across from Tomas and his Phobos. These guys have a bit of a reputation as a bad team, but I am smart enough to know that anyone who can go 5-0 definitely has some tricks up his sleeve and Phobos guns are more than capable of shredding Wyrmblade. Tomas for his part might of been the best player I played against all weekend if we are judging by a pure combination of skill, knowledge, and attitude. He was transparent in all his team’s abilities, and was the definition of “play by intent”. We ended up on close quarters Map 3. The Hub, which might be the most ideal setup for Infiltration, causing me to immediately choose Implant, Install Device, and Gather Surveillance. As the game started I immediately moved my Locus and Icon-Bearer into the isolated right side room. Tom seeing that I set myself up perfectly to score 4 of my 6 Tac Ops opted to completely abandon that side of the table leaving a mine at his home objective to slow me down. For his part I feel like he played a nearly perfect game, considering the hand I dealt him, and almost completely overwhelmed the left side by the end of the game ending just one point behind me. A particularly key moment occurred when my Gunner hit his Marksman with 2 Crits and 1 Hit from a Krak Grenade where Tomas managed to not make a single save, and then fail his re-roll. 20-19 Victory

Here we are. The final round. Leander has returned and he is out for revenge. We both knew one another’s tricks at this point, so it was simply a matter of who would make the least number of mistakes. Looking back it is safe to say I basically lost this game Turning Point 1, due to some risky/clever moves on Leander’s part and dumb placement on mine. I ended up losing two operatives on Turning Point 1 while doing no damage in return. To do this he once again risked exposing his assassin for a Turning Point 2 initiative roll, and managed to win the roll off (he had used all his Warrants of Trade) allowing it to kill my Locus (who I had to sacrifice to save my Kelermorph). Not only did this mean I was down three operatives vs zero of his, but he had managed to kill one of my objective holders meaning I was at a 3-2 Primary deficit going into TP 2…something that almost never happens to me. Despite this is rough start I was able to make this game matter all the way to end with Leander having a strong Primary advantage but me having denied 4 of 6 Tac Ops Points. Going into the last Turning Point we both had 2 operatives remaining, his wounded Voidmaster and Lectro-Maester, and my last Brood Adept and a wounded Kelermorph. I needed the final initiative roll to even have a CHANCE of winning this game. Winning would allow me to use my Brood Adept to not only score Eliminate Guards, but also deny him Surge Forward, and snag me 4 Primary points on the final round. I had priority on the roll and got…A SIX!! Breathing heavily I had zero CP remaining with only 4 wounds left on the Voidmaster. I rolled 4 dice, and only got a single hit…this was basically game over, but we didn’t really recognize it at the time as Leander needed to move his Maester up to score Courier, leaving my 3 wound Kelermorph an opportunity to counter attack. Leander put his Maester on Guard, and with no choice but to move into range I was promptly struck down by him rolling 3 5+ dealing enough mortal wounds that I didn’t get a chance to roll a save. Had this not happened and I killed his Maester I am still pretty sure I would’ve only tied him in points, and then promptly lost on tie breakers. Leander deserved this win, and there is no way around it. I just hope I have a chance to pay him back some day.

Still very happy with my second place trophy I returned to my room to drop off my stuff, and then proceeded to spend about 4 hours helping load tables and terrain into the trailer. This year it felt like tear down was much more efficient, especially on the vendor and Star Wars sides of the hall, and by 8:00 P.M. almost everything that a volunteer might be needed for had been completed. I joined Craig, Campbell, and Patrick up at the bar until around 10:00 P.M. and then proceeded to go back to my room to get a good night’s rest for the drive…Hahaha! Fuck that noise! I stayed up until 5:00 A.M. drinking and playing Liar’s Dice with the Con staff and Event Organizers and then woke up three hours later to drive home. This is Adepticon!! WOO!!

Final Thoughts

Adepticon rules, if you can attend, but have been skipping out you are really missing something that makes the hobby special. If there is one downside for the weekend I didn’t do as much after hours hanging out with people as I had in previous years. Maybe we are all just getting a little older? Other than that I walked home with 2 Event Awards out of 4 Events I participated in, and even a single award is a successful convention in my book. See you all next year.

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