Administratum: The Adeptus Mechanicus Update

My fellow beeps and boops, what a day this is. The sun is shining beyond the rad-clouds, fallout ash lightly dusts the desert, and a cool breeze wafts away the acrid smell of contaminated sulfur with pleasant aromas of fresh sulfur.

And it’s on this day that Administratum launches support for our latest add-on, Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus, available right now to all our great Official Patrons.

Administratum Add-on – Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

Have you ever wanted to throw your life at the pursuit of Archeotech Parts of questionable value? Good news, we have a local Tech-Priest who loves throwing lives at his pursuits. Or maybe throwing lives those pursuing him, it’s unclear. But you’ll do great. You’re a natural and, naturally, you’ll want to track the progress you make in collecting Archeotech Parts.

A turkey in every oven, a terminal in every home

To get started, go to your roster’s Settings tab, then to Add-Ons, and install the Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus add-on. Once it’s up and running, you’ll be able to access all the Requisitions from the new Adeptus Mechanicus codex and see all the progress you’ve made in acquiring power artifacts for your army.

Ask your friendly local software engineer about CSS. They love it!

With each battle you fight, you can either make progress in scavenging archeotech parts, scouting for location data, or uncovering Legendary Archeotech that can warp an entire battle.

Not gonna lie, these UIs were a lot of fun to build

Not an Official Patron but still want to give this Add-on a shot? Just join a campaign hosted by one of our fantastic Warhound Patrons. They can install the add-on in their campaign, which automatically unlocks it for all the joined rosters!

The Grand Narrative’s Grand Bug Fix

This is Administratum’s first big update since Games Workshop’s Grand Narrative event in Atlanta. I myself was there, throwing fistfuls of dice at the table in a vain attempt to get my Flechette Blasters to do anything. It was a fantastic event with the coolest players in attendance, who were even cooler for having used Administratum to track their games and armies throughout the event.

I had the chance to talk with so many people about Administratum, and everyone provided excellent feedback. The most pressing of which was a bug that kept occuring when submitting battle reports without selecting a Territory. That bug has been fixed, and additionally, the battle report workflow was updated to better handle bugs like that.

But that’s enough waxing poetic about bugs and add-ons. Let’s get to the meat of the update. That’s right, it’s time for patch notes!

Patch Notes: 2023-12-10

  • Added
    • Add-On – Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus
    • Add-On – Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus – Gather archeotech parts, construct treasures and legendary archeotech to upgrade your army
      • Terminal – Your roster dashboard has a terminal with quick-access functions to manage your archeotech
      • Battle Reports – Fully record your progress made in search of archeotech
      • Requisition – Assemble Archeotech
      • Requisition – Auto-Sermon of Deployment
      • Requisition – Battleware Reprogramming
      • Requisition – Consecrated Remodulation
      • Update Archeotech Records – Edit your archeotech tallies to correct mistakes or make manual adjustments
      • Archeotech Treasures are recorded on your units using Text Notes, which makes them quick and easy to update by hand
      • Legendary Archeotech is recorded on your roster using Text Notes, with identical benefits
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids – Edit existing worlds to correct mistakes or make manual adjustments
  • Changed
    • Adjusted the horizontal padding of the banners on event campaigns to match the padding of other page elements
    • Campaigns – Phases – Changed the date picker to a new version that better handles time picking
    • Notifications – Now link to games rather than army submission pages to make their context more obvious
    • Reduced horizontal padding on Counter inputs to make more space on mobile devices
    • Adjusted headers on sign in, sign up, and campaign joining pages
    • Battle Report – When a Battle Report fails to save, an error message will be displayed instead of Administratum lying to you and pretending that everything is fine
    • Battle Report – Conquest – Changed colors of “Select this location” button to better emphasize the intended workflow
    • Sign In – Got rid of bright yellow text boxes on some mobile devices when using autocomplete
  • Fixed
    • Fixed a typo on Campaign Page – Setting Tab – Add-Ons section where the Codex: Space Marines add-on unintentionally referred to Tyranids players
    • Fixed a typo on the Space Marines requisition Vaunted Triumph that incorrectly stated it granted XP instead of Marked for Greatness. The Requisition was implemented correctly, this was simply a typo in the UI
    • Fixed an issue preventing Number and Text Notes from being updated on rosters
    • Fixed an issue causing requisitions from the Space Marines add-on to cost 0 RP
    • Fixed an issue causing a white-screen error after selecting units for a validated game
    • Fixed an issue preventing validated games from being submitted
    • Fixed an issue preventing army submission on validated games
    • Fixed an issue causing destroyed units to show up in the list of units available for games
    • Fixed an incorrect rule description on the Esteem of the Chapter requisition in the Codex: Space Marines add-on

I had so much fun building the terminal UI for the Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus add-on, that I’m legitimately considering building it as a site-wide theme. It would take an absolutely massive amount of refactoring, but it would be cooool.

If that’s something you’d like to see, then hop on our Discord server and let me know. You can get access to it by joining our Patreon, which not only gives you access to our Discord, but also massively helps us out. It takes an unbelievable amount of work to keep Goonhammer up and running, and your support means the world. But enough sappy shills, get out there and play some games!