Administratum: The Pariah Nexus Update

A shrill distress beacon followed by silence. Distant echoes in the warp fade away as the immaterium gives way to reality. A rending tear opens to the Pariah Nexus, and through it you find none other than an ice-cold, refreshing Cerveza Cristal.

You also find Administratum’s latest add-on!

Pariah Nexus – Roster Add-On

A new region to wage war in brings with it new Crusade mechanics. Acquire Blackstone Fragments throughout your battles. Redeem them for Blackstone Crusade Relics, Blackstone Battle Honours, or good old fashion experience points. All from the convenience of your roster’s dashboard.

Unlocked Blackstone Crusade Relics even glow a bit!

Administratum also helps you keep this information up to date. When you submit a game with this add-on, you’ll be prompted to record how many Blackstone Fragments you earned, as well as both your and your opponent’s Strategic Footing.

And if you want to see a log of your deeds, scroll down on your roster dashboard and you’ll see a brief log of your exploits in the Pariah Nexus. Just a quick reminder of where you’ve been, who you’ve slain, the trophies you’ve claimed. It’s the simple things in life.

This add-on is available right now to all our fantastic Official Patrons! And if you’ve got above and beyond, and are one of our amazing Warhound Patrons, then you can install the Pariah Nexus Campaign Add-on, and all members of your campaign will automatically have the Pariah Nexus Roster Add-on installed! Speaking of …

Pariah Nexus – Campaign Add-On

Want to quickly see how members of your campaign are faring in the Pariah Nexus? The Pariah Nexus Campaign Add-on installs a leaderboard on your campaign dashboard that ranks all rosters on how many Blackstone Fragments they’ve acquired.

I get a little bit Genghis Cron.

If you’re using Teams in your campaign, then you can easily toggle this leaderboard to break things down by teams! And if you’re using multiple different teamsets, then you can cycle between each of them in this leaderboard.

Good ol’ Chaos Undivided

Update Games

Typo the final results of your game? No problem! You can now easily adjust the final scores. Note that if your game is part of a campaign, and has been approved, then only moderators of that campaign can adjust the score.


And speaking of campaign games, moderators can now also override game approvals. Have a player taking their sweet time approving results? Do it on their behalf! Notice some funny business in a game? Reject it outright.

This game ain’t no good

Space Marines Add-On Updates

While Pariah Nexus is the MVP, this update includes so many small things. Dig through them in the patch notes below, but I’m going to call out just one more because it’s been a consistently requested feature for some time.

Adjust those numbers!

If you’re an Official Patron and using the Space Marine Add-On, then you can finally make manual adjustments! Use this to correct mistakes, or make tweaks based on campaign events. This isn’t even the only update to the Space Marines Add-on. Check out these patch notes for bug fixes galore!

Patch Notes: 2023-03-26

  • Added
    • Add-On – Pariah Nexus
    • Add-on – Pariah Nexus – Roster
      • Displays your current Black Blackstone Fragments acquired, as well as the amount you’ve earned in the lifetime of your roster
      • Salvage Blackstone – Convert excess Blackstone Fragments directly into XP
      • Blackstone Crusade Relics – Spend Blackstone Fragments to permanently unlock powerful Crusade Relics for your roster
      • Blackstone Battle Honours – Spend Blackstone Fragments to grant your characters honours tied directly to the Pariah Nexus
      • Pariah Nexus Log – Displays a chronological history of events that have impacted your journey in the Pariah Nexus
      • Battle Report – When reporting a game, you can record how many Blackstone Fragments you have earned
      • Battle Report – Record both your and your opponent’s Strategic Footing
    • Add-on – Pariah Nexus – Campaign
      • Displays the Blackstone Fragments acquired by all rosters in the campaign
      • If your campaign uses teams, then you can switch between seeing overall ranking and ranking per-team
      • If your campaign uses multiple teamsets, then you can cycle between overall and grouping by each individual teamset
    • Add-on – Codex: Spaces Marines – Manual Adjustments for Oathsworn Campaign
      • Update existing Oathsworn Campaigns, including name, type, status, and honour points.
      • Use this to quickly make adjustments or correct mistakes.
    • Update Game Scores
      • You can update the score of previously recorded games.
      • If your game is on a campaign, then you can update the score only if the game hasn’t been approved yet. Moderators can update game scores at any time.
    • Update Game Approval
      • You can update the approval of previously recorded games.
      • If your game is on a campaign, then only moderators can update approvals
  • Changed
    • Battle Sheets now use the same sorting as other places in Administratum.
    • Battle Sheets have been updated with better data. There will be no visible difference most of the time, but I hate the code less now.
  • Fixed
    • Fixed an issue causing performance issues when loading games
    • Fixed an issue preventing campaign moderators from recording games on behalf of their players if they didn’t have their own roster on the campaign.
    • Fixed an issue in the Space Marines Add-on that blocked the Chapter Command mechanic if you had exactly enough honour points to use it. For example, if the upgrade cost 15 Honours Points, and you had exactly 15 Honour Points available, it would incorrectly say that you didn’t have enough. tl;dr: > != >=
    • Fixed an issue in the Space Marines Add-on that blocked the Assignment and Promotion mechanic if you had exactly enough honour points to use it.
    • Fixed an issue in the Space Marines Add-on that blocked the XP Conversion mechanic if you had exactly enough honour points to use it.
    • Fixed an issue in Battle Sheets where “[object Object]” was displayed instead of your available Requisition Points. Look, programming is hard.
    • Fixed an issue on the Campaign View page where the API wasn’t properly using indexes, resulting in it performing approximately 300,000% extra work. That’s what we in the business call a “whoopsie daisy.”
    • Fixed an issue affecting the Campaign List page and the Campaign View page which was causing big performance issues. These pages should load faster now.
    • Fixed an issue preventing updates to a 9th Edition Crusade unit’s Power Level in some circumstances.

Though this update is just getting announced today, small bits and pieces of it have been slowly announced to our Patrons on Discord as the features have come online. Want in on that? Want to take a peek behind the curtain and see us ranting about Code Problems? Sign up, hop in, and then immediately regret ever using a computer. They truly are the worst, and I love them.