Administratum: The Tyranids Update

Have you ever wanted to eat an entire world? I know I have. Just look at Saturn and try to tell it it wouldn’t be delicious. Those creamy bands of color, peppered in with crunchy rings, and don’t even get me started on Saturn’s Bottomless Basket of Moons. Yum.

But no longer am I relegated to staring, forlorn and hungry at the night sky. No, not with today’s update that brings worlds to you, ripe and ready for consumption.

Administratum Add-on – Codex: Tyranids

The first in our line of ongoing Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition add-ons, Administratum now offers full support for the brand new Tyranids codex to all our wonderful Official Patrons. This add-on is complete with all the nitty gritty number crunching you’ve grown to know and love from Crusade.

Head to the Settings tab on your roster, and check it out!

How does this add-on work? Well, pull up a cosmic chair to the galactic dining table and get prepared for a meal that’s out of this world.

One way or another, I’m going to eat Saturn.

Create a world, full of people with hopes and dreams. Youthful and spry, elderly and wise. People from all origins and backgrounds. Record how much biomass you consume each game, how much is available at each stage of consumption, and how many battles it’ll take to gobble them all up. As you progress through the stages of consuming a world, you’ll unlock powerful single-use Requisitions.

Not pictured: the bookkeeping Administratum handles for you.

Use these Requisitions right away for an early advantage, or save them for a key strategy in a future game. You don’t even have to worry about tracking whether or not you’ve used them, as Administratum handles that for you! Or simply forget about them entirely and focus on the joy of devouring entire worlds. You know what they say, do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life. And some of us would simply love to eat a certain sixth planet in our solar system.

This add-on isn’t limited to world Requisitions either. Hit that Requisitions button on your roster and check out the four additional Requisitions that this add-on unlocks.

Gonna have to adapt some physiology to handle Saturn’s crushing gravity and toxic atmosphere.

As a quick aside, you’ll also notice that the Increase Supply Limit requisition costs an additional RP. Yes, Administratum handles this for you as well. And despite it being a simple “+1”, implementing it was unironically one of the most difficult pieces of this add-on. There’s an entire rule-based system for computing Requisition costs, but that rule system didn’t support modifiers. Fortunately, implementing this add-on spurred the rewrite of some pretty heinous rule code, and now it’s only slightly ugly rule code. Rule code that only a rule mother could love.

Campaign Support

Okay, now this is actually one of the coolest parts of the update. Are you running a campaign and want to mandate that Tyranid players use this add-on? We’ve got you covered. For all our amazing Warhound Patrons, you’ll find that you can install the Codex: Tyranids add-on directly into your campaigns.

Installing the Codex: Tyranids add-on in your campaign instantly unlocks it for all members, and it also automatically installs it for all Tyranids players!

Crusade Support for Tabletop Battles

We’ll cover this more in the future, as Cool Things are in the works. But as of now, you can now record Crusade games in Tabletop Battles, making it easier than ever to track your games at the table. And what’s that you say? Goonhammer has multiple systems for recording games, and it would be nice if they could talk to each other? What an idea …

So go out there, play some games, and devour some tasty worlds. And for some light reading during the commute to your next planetary meal, here are some scrumptious patch notes!

Patch Notes: 2023-09-10

  • Added
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids
    • Add-On – Codex: Tyranids: Create worlds, devour them, and grow stronger. Unlock requisitions and show off the planets you’ve consumed.
      • Create Worlds – Create a new world, either when you’ve just installed the add-on, or when you’ve finished devouring your latest world
      • Devour Worlds – Devouring a world is split into three stages: Invasion, Predation, and Consumption
      • Devour Worlds – To complete a stage, you much accumulate enough biomass and participate in a enough battles
      • Devour Worlds – The requirements for biomass consumed in each stage is progressive. To complete a stage, you must consume biomass equal to all previous stages added together, plus additional biomass for the current stage
      • Devour Worlds – The requirements for battle played in each stage is similarly progressive
      • Battle Reports – Solo – When reporting a Solo Game, you’ll be able to adjust the biomass accumulated and how many battles the game counts for
      • Battle Reports – Validated – You’ll be able to make similar adjustments in biomass and battles when submitting your army for validated games
      • Requisition – Respawn Warrior Organisms
      • Requisition – An Intellect Vast and Cold
      • Requisition – Synaptic Bioregenesis
      • Requisition – Adapted Physiology
      • World Requisition – World requisitions are single-use requisitions that are unlocked each time a stage is completed in a world
      • World Requisition – Vanguard Adaptation
      • World Requisition – Infestation
      • World Requisition – Guard and Consume
      • All Requisitions for the Codex: Tyranids add-on are available on the Roster dashboard
    • Roster Add-Ons – Roster add-ons have been reintroduced into Administratum
    • Roster Add-Ons – Uninstall – If you uninstall a roster add-on, then all your progress made in that add-on will be permanently deleted
    • Campaign Add-Ons – Campaign add-ons have been reintroduced into Administratum
    • Campaign Add-Ons – Campaign add-ons can automatically unlock their respective roster add-on for members
    • Campaign Add-Ons – Campaign add-ons can automatically install their respective roster add-on for members who meet the recommendations of that add-on. For example, a Tyranid player would automatically have the Codex: Tyranids add-on installed, but a Space Marine player would not
    • Campaign Add-Ons – Uninstall – If you uninstall a campaign add-on, then don’t worry, rosters who are using that add-on will not be affected
    • Battle Report – Delete – If you delete a game in which you made progress in the Codex: Tyranids add-on, Administratum will do its best to revert that progress. Out-of-order stack rewinding is complicated though, so things might get funky if you get weird with it

You might have seen my models in our Model Review: Tyranids article. It’s hard for me to overstate how cool these models are. In particular, the Norn Emissary absolutely rules. Can’t wait for my big slashey boy to hit the table.