Tabletop Battles: The Crusade Update

We’ve been hard at work on updates for Tabletop Battles, and this week we’re excited to announce that Tabletop Battles now supports Leviathan Crusade Missions!

So if you’ve been looking for a way to track scores for Crusade missions, now we’ve got you covered. There’s support here for every one of the missions in the Leviathan Crusade supplement, though some will only be visible if you’re playing an Onslaught game. Just start off by picking a game of Warhammer 40k: 10th Edition and choose the Leviathan Crusade Missions for your missions pack. From there you can track your scoring and CP throughout the game.

If you haven’t downloaded Tabletop Battles yet, now’s a great time to grab it. It’s free, and if you already have an Administratum account, you can just use your existing login for the app.

Some Things to Note and Other Updates:

  • Tabletop Battles isn’t connected to Administratum yet, so you won’t be able to transfer your score over unless you do it manually. We’re working on this, but connecting the apps is a pretty big task, so stay tuned!
  • Agendas aren’t tracked. Agendas are a huge undertaking, and constantly being added to the game with new Codexes, and they don’t actually affect scoring for the mission. So for the time being Tabletop Battles isn’t tracking Agendas.
  • 40K: Added Support for Codex: Tyranids. You can now pick one of the six Detachments from Codex: Tyranids when selecting your faction.
  • Age of Sigmar: Orruk Factions Split Out. We’ve split out the Orruks faction into its four subfactions, Kruleboyz, Ironjaws, Bonesplitterz, and Big Waaagh! so you can now pick the one that aligns with how you’re playing.
  • Age of Sigmar: Missing Battle Tactics. We’ve added some missing battle tactics, such as Reckless Abandon.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at