Adeptus Custodes 10th Ed Lore Review: It Really is for Everyone

While the 10th Edition Adeptus Custodes codex has left a gaping hole in my heart where a competitive and functional army that I want to play should be, the lore in the book is top notch as always. Any...

The Old World April 9 FAQ

Introduction Falcon: They did it! They really did it! The SDS (specialist design studio) team has done it again, coming out hot with an extensive FAQ for the Old World mere months into its launch. And folks, it’s a really...

Arcane Journal: Orc and Goblin Tribes Review

  "Get da Clans togevva....We’s goin to war!" -Gorbad Ironclaw: Pig Enthusiast Arcane Journal: Orc and Goblin Tribes follows in the footsteps of the first two Arcane Journals (Bretonnia and Tomb Kings) with a book filled with new lore, two new Armies...

Old World Legacy Faction Review: Lizardmen

Way back in the late 1900s there was a cartoon show that ran for 1 season and 3 specials. It was called Dino-riders and it was absolutely the greatest idea anyone had ever come up with for a cartoon...

That Old World Charm Episode 4 Out Now!

That Old World Charm Episode 4: My Legs are Tired and It Is the Movement Phase is out now! In this episode of That Old World Charm, Danny, Falcon, and Adam go over the Strategy and Movement phases and how...

10th Edition Competitive Faction Focus: Adeptus Custodes (Updated February 2, 2024)

We take a deep dive into the Adeptus Custodes, and look at their key units and strategies.

Old World Legacy Faction Review: Daemons of Chaos

"The Daemons of Chaos can be likened to hungry and rabid wolves. The shepherd should not waste time hating the wolf that attacks his flock. He should simply kill it." - Volkmar the Grim "Daemons? I just think they're neat."...

That Old World Charm

In the darkest times, it will come to pass, as it always must, that three middle-aged men will get together and talk very passionately about things they love and have a basic knowledge of, and then send it into...

Forces of Fantasy: Wood Elves Faction Review

Falcon takes a deep dive into Wood Elves and shares his experience on them so far.

Old World Faction Review: Warriors of Chaos

Falcon takes a deep dive into the Warriors of Chaos and what makes them tick.

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