That Old World Charm

In the darkest times, it will come to pass, as it always must, that three middle-aged men will get together and talk very passionately about things they love and have a basic knowledge of, and then send it into the void in the hopes others may listen.

This is yet another of those dark times.

Welcome to ‘That Old World Charm’, a podcast devoted to reviews, tips, tricks, and developing the competitive side of The Old World by Games Workshop. Adam Camilleri of Art of War Down Under and the GW stream team, Danny McDevitt of Grim After Dark and Peter ‘The Falcon’ Colosimo of this very site get together every week to discuss the ins and outs of the world that was and what they hope it will be.

With a plethora of theme songs written and produced by Steve Joll, editing by Richard Hughes, and artwork provided by Dntrose, That Old World Charm tries to bring a bit of excitement and joy to a new take on a game we all loved. On this week’s extended episode, the boys do their best to review the Magic Phase and go over each Lore of Magic found in the big blue book. You can score the first 2 episodes on podbean or theoretically wherever else your podcasting loves take you.