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2Q22 Faction Focus: John Lennon Talks Chaos Knights

Welcome, Fallen Nobles, to a primer on Chaos Knights! The latest chaos codex of 9th edition is finally here - or at least the boxed set special edition version of it - and apparently sold out immediately. If you’re...

John Lennon’s Competitive Review of Codex: Genestealer Cults (9th)

There’s a new codex in our claws, so it’s time for me to rise out of the shadows for a deep dive into the new book! John Lennon here, and today we are talking about the Xenos uprising that...

Shadows in the Meta: Playing Post-Octarius Tyranids

Welcome, dear readers to another article on the developing meta! I’m John Lennon from the Art of War, and today I’m here to talk to you about Tyranids. Many people don’t know this but I’ve totally, actually been a...

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Horus Heresy Hot Take: Legacy and Exemplary Unit PDFs

The initial release of Horus Heresy 2 had some much-loved units missing from the already chunky Liber books, generally...
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