Dawnbringers Book 1: Harbingers – The Goonhammer Review

This review was completed with a free copy of Dawnbringers: Harbingers provided by Games Workshop. As we come to the end of this cycle of battletomes - only two remaining at this point - that often means it's time to...

Conquest Faction Focus: The Nords

The Nords are a human faction full of non-human monsters, beasts, and other creatures. These aren't your father's Nords, Ragnarok already happened and these are the ones that came out the other side of it. As with any of...

Hear Me Out: Grimwrath Berzerkers (a lot of them)

With the current General's Handbook foot heroes aren't only better, but pretty necessary to scoring battle tactics and winning games. Most armies are able to field one or two reliably, but there are some armies which can field up...

The Goonhammer Review: New Seraphon Kits

Before we dive in, a thanks to Games Workshop for sending us these kits to review. This week, further reinforcements for the Seraphon arrive, adding on to the kits released in their Army Set a little while back. This...

Conquest May 2023 Updates: The Goonhammer Hot Take

Welcome to the May 2023 patch notes and rules tweaks for Conquest: Last Argument of Kings! Para Bellum has been really on the ball with updating Conquest and First Blood, handing out small tweaks here and there to units...

Horus Heresy Siege of Cthonia Supplement Review

Goonhammer reviews the first campaign book for Horus Heresy 2nd edition: the Siege of Cthonia.

Bair’s Warhammer Fest 2023 Review and Reign of Terror

"There will be no apologies for my reign of terror" - Goonhammer Proverb, Greg And there really won't be, here, anyways. I went to Warhammer Fest to play Horus Heresy in the Singles on Saturday and Doubles on Sunday. If...

How To Paint Everything: City States Promethean and Hephaestian

Today we look at the new City States Promethean giant and how to paint it in a statue theme. But first, a thank you to Para Bellum for sending us one of the new dual kits for the Promethean and...

Updated Article – Getting Started: Conquest The Last Argument of Kings

With the new edition of The Last Argument of Kings and the new addition of City States, Para Bellum has updated all of their starter sets...which meant needing to update this article! Have any questions or feedback? Email us at

Warlord Wednesdays: Adeptus Titanicus Campaign Compendium Review

A new Adeptus Titanicus release, in this economy? Today we're reviewing the new Titanicus Campaign Compendium, a preview copy of which was kindly provided to us by Games Workshop. It doesn’t feel like it, but Adeptus Titanicus came out five...

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