Danger Planet: Shatterpoint 1st Impressions & Mechanics

Iconic characters from across the Star Wars galaxy clash in the newest Star Wars miniatures skirmish game! Star Wars: Shatterpoint invites players to collect, assemble, and paint their own squads of heroes, villains, and their allies and pit them against one another in tense duels to control key battlefield objectives.

Focusing on dynamic fights between key characters and a unique combat system that brings the FEEL of epic Star Wars duels to the tabletop! Star Wars: Shatterpoint is the NEW KID on the block from Atomic Mass Games. These are the same guys that make Marvel Crisis Protocol and a HOST of other games so the name might ring a bell … just maybe …

Sooooo … the million-dollar question. Is the game system any good? Have the developers done anything interesting with the rule set and core gameplay mechanics? Sit down with Brandon and Doug as they talk through their initial experiences with the newest skirmish game on the block … Star Wars: Shatterpoint!!! Let’s talk about that.


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