Follow Goonhammer at the GW Seattle Open!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another weekend of powerful games and tournaments. I’m your host, Robert “I’m really fucking tired, why did I do this two weeks in a row” Jones, coming to you LIVE from Seattle where I’ve just beaten a Death Guard player to start 1-0. Anyways, I’m far from the only Goonhammer yabbo here – with my are a collection of powerful idiots, all ready to lose games with style. If you’re around, stop by and cheer us on in person, or if you see us on stream, hop on and start yelling your favorite Gregbot quotes.

Anyways, here’s who to follow:

Jack’s Black Templar army for the Seattle Open. Credit: Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter

Our resident painting and photography wiz kid is at the event, playing Black Templars with a real yellow feel. Jack’s got an outside shot at best painted, but I also like his odds to go 4-4.

Black Templars Primaris Aggressors. Credit: SRM

Clannigan “SRM” McBarbell

Campbell’s also at the event and also running Black Templars. Awkwaaaaard. Like the filthy casual he is, he’s playing in the Narrative. Wish him luck. Or don’t, whatever. He never needs luck against me when I’m throwing buckets of 1s and he’s assassinating models from a foot off the table.

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Hey, it’s me! Cheer for my Thousand Sons and my stupid idiot Heldrake son.

Sicarian Infiltrators and Ruststalkers
Sicarian Infiltrators and Ruststalkers. Credit: Pendulin

Andrew “Pendulin” Haywood

Andrew is the mastermind behind most of Administratum’s code and he’s playing in the narrative event with his gorgeous Adeptus Mechanicus.

Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard – Credit: Colin Ward

Colin Ward

Colin’s also playing in the 40k GT with his astonishingly pretty Blood Angels. Cheer for him too, unless he plays against me.


OK that’s it. Yeah there are other people here but I need to get back downstairs before round 2 starts. If you have any questions or feedback, holler them at us in the comments below and someone else will (probably) read them.