Goonhammer’s Guide To Cool And Good Lore Youtube Channels

Hello reader!

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now and we here at the Goonhammer team thought it might be a good idea to shoot some positivity out into the internet. So we got together and decided to highlight the efforts of some really awesome lore based youtube channels that you can put on, it back, do some hobby and chill out to.

So without further ado, here are: Goonhammer’s Cool And Good Youtube Channels That Are About Lore…. Guide


I love Baldermort’s videos. The production value is high and the voice acting is so delightfully good. Combining this will deep research and you have in my mind some of the best lore-ing on youtube. The speech at the end of his Space Marine video elevated his channel from a lore channel to a work of art, capturing the essence of the Astartes like few before him.

Oculus’ videos are detailed, researched and have great production values. Presented as semi in universe accounts, the channels’ research is as deep as his voice is soothing. Oculus’ videos are considered top tier for good reason and you need to check them out pronto.

Tactica’s 40k story time is great for long drives or something to have in the background as you paint. Come for the videos, stay for the podcast and if you like learning, physics tutorials!

The Templin Institute

Templin studies not only 40k but a ton of scifi and fantasy settings. With great voice acting and presentation, there is a reason why Templin is invited by software firms like Paradox to cover their products.

Snipe and Wib

Snipe and Wib’s enthusiasm for old hammer is endearing and their videos are great. Codex compliant deep dives into the old codexes of 3rd and 2nd ed, taking a look at their place in time and how they presented the 40k setting.

Lutin focuses on going on deep dives on products/reveals of the stuff GW is releasing at the time or GW news in general. The channel’s videos are well researched and have great production values.

Focusing on the old world, Loremaster of Sotek’s videos are comprehensive as they get. LoS also does lore Q&As on various topics, making his videos more interactive than some of the ones above. He also plays a fair bit of Total War: Warhammer 2 and WHFB RGPs on his channel. You can also check out our recent interview with him here!


Wolf Lord Rho couples slick production values with vast library of videos. Rho normally reads a text and then takes a moment to do some analysis and look at where GW will take the lore in the future. Think part lore channel, part rumour, part speculation. Great stuff.

40k Theories does what it says on the tin. The channel will talk about a subject with well researched information before diving into various story threads. Want to get a deep dive on what might be the Red Scorpion’s founding legion? Want to know what Raptor cult Chaos Space Marines worship? This is the channel for you. The channel also features rundowns of fan homebrew 40k ideas which fuckin rocks in this author’s opinion.

You can’t say ‘Warhammer youtuber’ without Valrak coming up, which is a testament to his enthusiasm for the hobby, work ethic and production values. While not as lore focused at the channels above, Valrak does frequently wade into the lore of the latest releases. Also, he should make more Invaders. Just saying. Seriously if you read this paint more green bois Valrak.


Alright. That’s a bunch of lore Youtube to chill out to. If we missed someone who is totally cool and good, why not write to us at and I’ll get them added to this list.