Horus Heresy Hot Take: Dark Angels Legion Interemptor Squad

In Goonhammer Hot Takes, we do quick-pass reviews and reactions to new releases, rules, and events. In today’s Hot Take, we’re covering the newest archeotech to be unearthed from the vaults of the Dreadwing – the Dark Angels Legion Interemptors.

The Interemptors are the most recent reveal for the Dark Angels Legion, in the build-up to the newest Black Book (Crusade). They’re held out as “the Dark Angels’ pre-eminent experts in biological and chemical warfare” and are armed with a rare type of weapon – the plasma burner.

To start off, the models look incredible. Honestly, these are some of the best FW have produced. I absolutely love them. If (when?) I do a Plasma Support Squad for my Salamanders, I’ll be stealing the awesome archeotech plasma guns!

Credit: Warhammer Community

Interemptors are close-assault specialists, a form of pseudo-Destroyer with a similar goal: the utter eradication of the foe; removing him from the face of creation itself. Their armour looks weighty and reinforced, with gas-mask style rebreathers built into the helmets – a very nice touch, as it evokes the idea of the plasma burners giving off deadly fumes.

So, let’s consider the rules. These are, in my mind, pretty good.

You start with 160pts for 5 in the Elites slot. They’re bog standard Marines in terms of statlines, save for +1 Leadership, and an extra Attack on the Sergeant. They also come with Stubborn, which is a great bonus when combined with that extra Leadership. My first impression there is that these are not particularly hardy models – there is no option, for example, to upgrade to Artificer or Hardened Armour. You’ll have to think carefully about positioning them, as their guns (see below) are short ranged. Basically, if something is good at killing Tactical Marines, it will be good at killing Interemptors, as a rule of thumb.

They have a close combat weapon, grenades (including rad grenades – a really nice upgrade!) and plasma burners as standard. +30 pts per additional model, up to a maximum squad of 15 – but that would be very expensive.

For every five models you can take a missile launcher with a suspensor web, rad missiles, and then web and stasis missiles. I am not sure we have rules for the latter yet – or, at least, not in missile form. Quite interesting! You can then also take a plasma incinerator with a suspensor web – so an up-gunned version of the plasma burner. All of this points towards the Interemptors being “pseudo-Destroyers” – not quite as combat-focused on paper, but able to deal damage and then weather a charge (particularly with the Plasma Flame rule).

The Sergeant can also take up to three phosphex bombs, which is a good option. Finally, if you have a squad of 10, a Land Raider Proteus becomes a dedicated transport – which is extremely evocative of the Dreadwing!

So, the weapons – these are really why you are taking the Interemptors. These are “a dangerous offshoot of more common plasma technology… any enemy caught in the path… is quickly reduced to molten slag.”

On the tabletop, the plasma burner is 12″ range (so quite short!), S 4 AP 2 Ignores Cover, Plasma Flame, Assault, and fires D3 + 1 shots. The D3 + 1 is rolled once for the entire squad before firing.

This is… pretty damn devastating. A squad of 5 will be shooting at least ten – perhaps as many as twenty – shots which will always force an Invulnerable save on a successful Wound. They’re close range, but if you put ten of these in a Land Raider Proteus then you can get into that range quite comfortably.

The plasma incinerator is 18″, with the same statline except for being Heavy and having D3 + 4 shots – simply a must-take, as then you could be churning out between 13 and 24 (!) shots. A full squad of these with Incinerators would do between 39 and 72 shots. Holy hell. You’ll have to position them a bit better given the Heavy rule, but the number of shots makes up for it!

Plasma Flame allows re-rolls to Hit on Overwatch – quite good given the statlines of these weapons.

So, overall, these are a fantastic unit. A set of 10 in a Land Raider Proteus is not cheap, but I can see it being very popular. Equally, a Dreadclaw, Drop Pod or similar is a very good use of these – perhaps infiltrating with a Vigilator as well? Or, if you’re a true scion of the Dark Angels, chuck 15 of them into a Spartan and evaporate an enemy Primarch and his buddies.

The only thing I would actually warn against is using them in Zone Mortalis. Although they only have “basic Marine” statlines, these guys will absolutely cull opponents in that setting – it’s a quick way to lose friends…! The Plasma Flame rule when combined with Reaction Fire doesn’t even bear thinking about – its a free second round of shooting, but Twin-Linked! Let your opponent know you’re bringing them, or take only in moderation.

So, our journey on the Road to Thramas continues, and its only getting better and better. The Sons of Horus Legion Overview is still in progress (hopefully to come out soon!) – so, until next time!