How to Paint Everything: Shatterpoint Core Set Mandalorians

Last week we posted tutorials for quickly speed painting your Shatterpoint core set. Now we’re back with more detailed guides.

I had the good fortune of knowing Sam at Your Move Chess and Games in Massapequa, New York. He was given the Core Set early and needed someone to try the game out with him and host demos. I leaped at the chance and he gave me the Mandalorian models. So I was able to paint up Bo-Katan and the Clan Kryze Mandalorians, and Gar Saxon and the Mandalorian Super Commandos. I had a great time doing it. I love these characters and I can’t wait to play more of this game.


I started by priming them all black with a white zenithal. The way I paint isn’t majorly affected by the zenithal, but I do it anyway. It really helps me pick out the details while I’m painting and the models just look really nice like this. It’s a great starting point for any model.

I even gave them a pretty light box photo!, Credit: Rocco Gest

Bo-Katan and Clan Kryze

The models were all fairly simple as far as color choices go. I painted all of their jetpacks with Iron Warriors and used Macragge Blue to add some more details so they weren’t just metal bricks on their backs. I chose Iron Warriors as a starting point for the metallics so that when I went back to do the highlights later there would be a greater contrast between the base color and the lighter metallic. I ended up using Stormhost Silver for the highlights.

All of the blue details I did with Macragge Blue and highlighted with Hoeth Blue. Then I blocked out all of the white details with Ulthuan Grey.

The most annoying part of the whole experience, while also being nice for those of us with poor free-hand skills, was painting Bo’s helmet details. The owl eyes and head markings are sculpted into the helmet. I had to do a couple of passes with the blue and the white to get the markings and the helmet as clean as I could. Not knowing what type of brown I wanted for the leather, I left it for last. I ended up using Skrag Brown and highlighting with Flayed One Flesh.

Bo-Katan and Clan Kryze Mandalorians, Credit: Rocco Gest

Gar Saxon and Super Commandos

Gar Saxon is a badass and he has a bad ass crew. He’s also kind of a coward as far as Mandalorians go. The models are sick so I had fun painting them. They are pretty easy, being mostly black and red with some metallic bits. In order to differentiate between the two different black surfaces I painted all of their armor with Corvus Black and all of their undershirts with Abaddon Black. This meant that my highlighting would have a lot less heavy lifting to do to separate the materials.

I highlighted the Corvus Black with Dark Reaper, and highlighted the Abaddon Black with Dawnstone. Then I painted all of the different features on their armor with Mephiston Red, highlighting with Evil Sunz Scarlet. Following the example set by Bo-Katan, Gar Saxon’s helmet got annoying, but this was easier to power through because I didn’t have to fight with a white paint for clean up.

I did some recess shading with Nuln Oil on the deeper parts of the models and painted Gar Saxon’s shield with 2-3 coats of Aethermatic Blue to get that forcefield effect. If you want to keep the deep blue towards the center of the shield I recommend propping him up on his belly so the shield faces downwards. This way the contrast paint will pool towards the center of the shield. Just like with the Clan Kryze characters I painted all the metallics with Iron Warriors and highlighted with Stormhost Silver.

Gar Saxon and Mandalorian Super Commandos, Credit: Rocco Gest

Jet Packs

On all 4 of the Mandalorians with active jet packs I used Aethermatic Blue contrast to paint a ring at the base of the jet and then used Iyandan Yellow contrast on the rest of the flame which I have found to be a really nice looking one step flame. To get the jet pack exhaust smoke I just sloppily painted Ulthuan Grey over the zenithal base and it created a nice wispy smoke effect.


For the bases all I did was put down a smooth coat of Dawnstone for the grey surfaces and Zandri Dust for the dirt surfaces. Then I did a recess shad in the cracks and crevices and gaps with Agrax Earthshade. I highlighted the grey surfaces with Ulthuan Grey and highlighted the dirt with Flayed One Flesh.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint Core Set Mandalorians, Credit: Rocco Gest

Mandalorians are by and large my favorite aesthetic in Star Wars and I had a lot of fun painting these characters. I can’t wait to see what other Mandalorian characters are released in future expansions.