How to Paint Mephrit Dynasty Necrons – TheChirurgeon’s Method

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I’ve always thought the Mephrit Dynasty had a cool color scheme ever since they were put in the spotlight for the Devastation of Baal campaign series. In particular, I really liked their orange energy and hyperphase weapons, and ended up copying that effect when I did my Novokh Dynasty Necrons in Indomitus.

The Mephrit scheme is pretty straightforward, with only a couple of extra touches on painting a simpler scheme like Sautekh.

Prime: I started by priming this Necron Warrior with Leadbelcher spray.

Step 1. Basecoats

I started by painting the key elements which would be some color other than silver. In this case, that’s the gun, which I painted Abaddon Black, and the shoulder armor and head, which were painted Castellan Green. 

Step 2. Washes

I washed the whole model with Nuln Oil. I also did a bit of Coelia Greenshade on the Castellan Green armor parts for a bit more consistency there.

Step 3. Highlights

Once the washes were dry, I went back and hit the raised parts of the model with lighter colors. Corvus Black for the gun, which gives is a nice dark gray highlight. Castellan Green and Deathworld Forest for the head and shoulder plates. And Leadbelcher fo the silver body, especially covering any areas where the wash may have pooled.

Step 4. Orange Base

Time to lay down the orange base. I do several thin coats of Fire Dragon Bright on the cables, orbs, and coils, and add a couple of dots for the model’s eyes.

Step 5. Yellow Highlights

This is really several steps, as I do a couple of passes of Fire Dragon Bright mixed with Flash Gitz Yellow before working my way up to pure yellow on the cables, orbs, and coils. I do a couple small dots of Flash Gitz on the eyes. The goal is to create a soft transition.

Step 6. The Rips

This is where I realized I wanted to do bright orange glow on the models ribs, making it look like he has fire inside him. So I painted Fire Dragon Bright in the space between ribs, then highlighted inside that with Flash Gitz Yellow.

Step 7. Final Details

There are a lot of little things in this final stage, starting with edge highlighting. I fix a bunch of little details, then edge highlight the gun with Mechanicus Standard Grey, the head with Death Guard Green, and the body with Runefang Steel. I’ll also paint the chest emblem, painting it Corvus Black and hitting the Necron icon there with Retributor Armour. 

And that does it! Not a terrible model to paint, though the bright orange/yellow energy requirements make this scheme a bit tougher – but also more interesting – to paint.

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

This article is part of a larger series on how to paint Necrons. To return to that series, click here.