Killteam UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: February 27-March 04, 2024

In our second week of BCP we’ve got a couple of events in the Northeast, and in Texas to cover. Along with a continued streak of some unexpected overperformers! As usual, Just Another Killteam Podcast covered the weekly stats over on our Patreon (link). We’ve got the chart below with the broad strokes!

Weekly stats 02/26-03/04

This weekend saw a huge 60+ person tournament take place in Russia, where their country’s best Nikita Fiore took first with Veteran Guard, followed by Starstriders in second. In the second week of the Heirotek superiority trend, the team once again is above the 50% marker, while they have a 59% win rate at the above Russian tournament!

Scouts, Legionary, Void-Dancers, and Kommandos all had extremely good weekends, with Kommandos krushing the competition with an 8+% play rate rokkin the 64% win rate! We can only hope for the nerfs to come quickly, especially as new regions come to understand the orkoid menace. While Void-dancers performed exceedingly well this weekend on pure win rate, they failed to take first in any region. Probably continuing to be trapped by their activation count stopping their runs in the finals.

Gellerpox remain down in the dumps week to week, though they’ve been nerfed so many times it’s no wonder they’re down there. Even with those nerfs Orion W. still took first place in a 4-rounder, proving that his melee prowess has no faction limits. I’m quite curious if melee teams should be rocking the week to week averages that Fellgor have had this year.

Meanwhile Blades of Khaine also seem to be performing rather poorly on average with one standout 3-0 result in Canada!

Clutch City GT Kill Team (Twitch Link)

Clutch City Logo

Texas this weekend ran a 14-person, 4-rounder, streamed over at Chase’s Twitch channel Engage Party Repeat (link)! The two day event featured a top 8 cut on the second day with pods for everyone else. A fan favorite format for players, and a headache for TOs!

  1. Ryan Z, CornFall – Kommandos
  2. Charles A, CornFall – Elucidian Starstriders
  3. Alexander S,SA N.D.A. – Farstalker Kinbad

Clutch City Group Photo Credit: Chase

Ryan Z is no stranger to high level killteam, with his appearance in 2023’s World Championship of Warhammer (link). He mentioned to me at the WCW, that no one in Texas was abusing Kommandos, and it seems like now he’s become the villain! Alex has been crushing it on Farstalkers with him performing well at the last Lone Star open! It does seem like Texas has some growth to come, and we’re looking forward to seeing more Texan TOs on the UTC!

Photo Credit: Chase

B.Strat March Monthly KT 2024 (Link)

March Monthly Group Photo credit: HappyRaccoon

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, my home base, the Brooklyn Strategist ran our regularly scheduled monthly. A 14-person, 3-rounder with a top cut for the 4th round, featuring some of the worlds best players!

  1. Adrian B, Brooklyn Ratz- Corsair Voidscarred
  2. James M, The Board Authority – Void-Dancer Troupe 
  3. Mike S, Dice Killaz- Void-Dancer Troupe

Local Nestor shows up to play Doom Guy, and the 5 Assault. Credit: True C.

Part of the 64% win rate of the void-dancers did pop out of the monthly here. With both lead players performing admirably. Unfortunately it seems that at the top end of the activation game 2023’s #1 Adrian B, was able to win a convincing victory against James! Considering that Adrian’s 4-0 record quite overperformed the 50% winrate by “playing cagey as hell”, perhaps those buffs are going to swing the team in a good direction!

Torchlight Killteam Tournament March 2024 (Link)

Torchlight deep in the game Credit: Colin G.

Ontario this weekend saw a beginner friendly UTC tournament, featuring one of the biggest teams in Canada’s scene, the Maple Leaf Wargaming crew in attendance. Over 3-rounds and 18-players, the Kasrkin menace reared its ugly head to take 1st! Interestingly enough Mountainside Tabletop’s (link) Vic was the TO for the tournament!

  1. Steven W, Beautyhammer- Kasrkin
  2. Andrew P- Blades of Khaine
  3. Bryce H- Nurgle Legionary

Winner of Best Painted, and woweee credit: Bryce H.

Notably as a newer player friendly event, the advent of the kasr-kings making their first place showing may not be a surprise. Kasrkin provide a crazy powerful consistency bump especially when you can rely on players to position a touch more carelessly. We’ve included a couple pictures of teams from the event as the painting jobs, and painted boards are top notch!

Check out that ITD paint job! Credit: Colin G.

Upcoming Events

March 09

Notably, we are still looking to get more Kill Team events up on the UTC calendar. If you’d like to be featured, reach out and we’ll get you set up asap!

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