Killteam UTC Weekend Recap: February 20-26, 2024

We’re coming in with a little UTC catch up and a check in with the metagame as seen by BCP! You can hear Just Another Killteam’s thoughts over on our Patreon(link), but these will be my personal thoughts. Along with checking in on some interesting tournament results from Goonhammer’s very own Unified Tournament Circuit! The weekend’s meta saw some interesting movement with a few teams seeing some unexpected successes.

It seems like this week we had a few of the meta boogeymen rear their ugly heads, with Vet Guard, Felgor, and Starstriders, over a 60% win rate! Some surprise hits here in Heirotek, and Hunter Clade performing much better than their past performances. Notably part-time contributor Can You Roll a Crit, lost a finals match against a Heirotek Player while piloting Kommandos. It was a 1-point loss, but still it seems that Heirotek may have some solid footing in the future! Hunter Clade performed well this weekend, in Tacoma, but with only 3-rounds, we’ll never truly know if they had the chops to take down the Starstriders or Void-Dancer’s they’d have had to face.

In UTC news we had two North Eastern tournaments dominated by some staple players of the region.

Jawn’s Love in a Time of Killteam (Link)

What is a jawn? Only Philly knows

We’ll head over first to Pennylvania’s Jawn’s Love in a Time of Killteam on Saturday Feb 24. From Basement Wargamers, a 19-person 3-rounder! Our top3, are covered in Plasma Spam members, one of the most competitive teams in the US.

  1. Orion W – Khorne/Nurgle Compendium Daemons!
  2. Nick C – Khorne/Tzeentch Legionary
  3. Janis G – Fellgor Ravagers

One wonders how the theoretical fourth round would have gone for Legionary against the terrifying Chaos Daemons. 9” on the charge Bloodletters, with power swords, will absolutely dunk the average 12 wound space marine. Though I would never count Nick C out of a good scrap.

The only photos taken of the models at hand! credit:Steve

Notably due to a BCP-side issue, Orion’s Daemon run does not appear on the statistics, with him sporting the Cult of the Unshackled team list. Hopefully BCP does get the issue fixed soon as I suspect there are more than a few fans of the Daemons still floating around!

Bushwick Brawl (Link, Twitch: AgX Stream)

James M’s Best Painted Void-Dancer Troupe credit:AgX, James

Right after his first place finish Orion took a trip up to New York for the Bushwick Brawl on Sunday! This time the Void-Dancers were able to Jest away his chances at a clean weekend sweep, on the back of Void-Dancer’s excellent ability to abuse terrain to the short ranged daemons deficit. The stream(link) catches local Jeffrey’s close run at 1st, before Alex M (@onthetableminis) caught him out with some Privateer Support Assets in the finals.

  1. Alex M, The Board Authority – Elucidian Starstriders
  2. Jeffrey C, The Board Authority – Ork Kommandos
  3. James M, The Board Authority – Void-Dancer Troupe

Round 3’s stream hosts, AgX’s Mike, Brooklyn Rats Adrian & George, Customary Tournament Pineapple Credit:HappyRaccoon

Notably due to the event being an odd number some players ended up the rounds with byes, Michael S, did not get third in the final placings as he skipped out on the final round. We’ll be aiming to get the footage from AgX up on Just Another Killteam’s youtube channel in the near future for those who don’t want to catch a 10-hour stream!

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Notably, we are still looking to get more Kill Team events up on the UTC calendar. If you’d like to be featured, reach out and we’ll get you set up asap!

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