Model Review: Bloodpelt Hunter

This review was completed using a free Bloodpelt Hunter model given to us by Games Workshop

The Blood Pelt is the newest model for the Ogor Mawtribes and I was given the opportunity to paint one up.  The kit itself is easy to assemble and can be painted sub assembled with little issue. One thing to note I swapped the Antlers out for bigger ones from a spare Blightking head, I know most people are indifferent about the models head but I enjoy the horrible tied together headdress.

To start, I based coat the model Vallejo Gray Spray which helps get the first layer down for the bear fur as the wrapping on the body.  The fur was washed with Soulblight Grey and then drybrushed Corax White while the teeth received a simple coat of Ushabti Bone. The metals were a simple coat of Iron Hands Steel followed by a washed with Nuln Oil, and the straps/wraps were painted either Krieg khaki/Ushabti Bone and washed with Reikland Fleshshade followed by a light Ushabti Bone drybrush.  

My Ogors use a variety of skin tones and for the Hunter I opted for a dark skin color.  I started with Catachan Flesh and followed by layering with Knight-Questor Flesh. Next I hit it with Reikland Fleshshade and went over the raised areas again with Knight-Questor. 

Credit: Fancy Necromancy

For the Crossbow I used Zamesi Desert for the wood and Tuskgor Fur for the rope, followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. The bolt on the crossbow and the bolts in the dragon head quiver were painted Corax Black and then hit with a drybrush of Corax White,  The dragon head itself is a bit of a tribute to a friend and painted Temple Guard Blue washed with a Drakenhof Nightshade mixed with medium and edged with Blue Horror. 

Lastly I painted the stones between the feet Dawnstone followed by a Agrax wash and then hit it with a quick dawnstone drybrush.  The base was covered in Stirland Battlemire that was then hit with a drybrush of VX-88, and finally covered in some Valhallan Blizzard.  

Credit: Fancy Necromancy

Overall I had a blast painting this model and I think I might pick up another for an Ice Pelt Hunter Conversion.