Necromunday: Queen of Ash Town

The Necromunda team has released another installment in the Apocrypha Necromunda series, this time taking us into the Ash Wastes, into the heart of Cinderak City.

Athena defends the House of Gilded Grace. Credit: Games Workshop


This is the story of the Blade of the Matriarch, Athera, her rise within House Escher, and how she ended up in the defense of Cinderak city from a Goliath invasion. It chronicles her arrival and defense of the city, while fighting a running battle through the settlement. She clashed with the Goliaths; fueled by a mix of determination and toxins. At last she reaches the climactic fight against the Goliath leader, Skullshanks, where they met in single, stimm fueled, combat.

House of Gilded Grace

Escher Chems. Credit: Game Workshop

Introduced are a pair new toxins and a stimm for use by Escher gangs.

Blood Boil: A toxin giving +1 to the roll to overcome the enemies toughness, and a chance to have the enemy explode if you take them out of action, neat…

Skin Fire: A toxin that can set enemies on fire. Who doesn’t love some Blaze?

Predator’s Kiss: The new Stimm! +1 Strength ain’t bad, though you gain Reckless. But…. the combo of Blood Rush and Hyper Stimms… recover some previous injuries and go faster… the perfect thing for the clutch charge/combat to kill and enemy leader…

Defend the House

A battle between Goliath and Escher gangers. Credit: Games Workshop.

Here’s a basic scenario for attacking an opposing gang’s hideout, which boils down to a basic gang fight. However they added a special rule for clouds of incense, limiting visibility to nine inches. Additionally, the attacker gets reinforcements.

Included are some notes to represent the defense of the House of gilded Grace, calling out using Goliaths versus Eschers, Eschers using a large amount of Wyld Runners, and equipping every Escher ganger with a Toxin or Stimm from this scenario pack.

ed Note: The overhwelming majority of the supplement is story – so if you lore heads are excited for a little slice of new narrative, give it a download.

And that’s it! Do you think the new toxins or stem are worth the points cost? Do you think a bunch of Wyld Runners can take on a Goliath gang, even with Athena and loaded up with toxins? Any idea for improving the scenario? Drop us a line at: